Woolworths Australia casinocustomer service

L Aug 15, 2018

hi I worked for woolworths for over 19 years and still shop there I am very proud to say I enjoyed my work with your company. I was finished up because of a back injury at work.
I enjoy still going in and doing my groceries there I cant find a reason to go anywhere else.
so 2 days ago I went with a friend to get 2 cases of 24s pack coke but because the display was so high and I couldn't lift it anyway I got terry from front end to call assistance. Michelle Smith was in the next isle with a tall man working but didn't come to help then terry called a few more times about 4 times I think when Debbie Sheppard came round the end to help but wouldn't serve me she grunted to me then put the coke cases into deloreses trolley and said something nasty to her and left. I then went to the check out and told terry but nothing was done . I am over being treated like a dog in this store. I have done nothing wrong nor will I stop shopping there . I need to know you will deal with this matter as its happening all the time. my name is Lorraine webber [protected] thank you.

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