Woodsprings Suitesstaff money mismanagement/animal cruelty with police report

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Employees messing with money, and I have a police report do to animal cruelty from the front desk monster! I want contacted asap or I will be pressing charges! [protected]. This place plays nice until the big manager comes in and they want to play clean up the booms. We were completely honest and held up our end of the "deal" that I felt uncomfortable about, but figured they would have nothing to lose. I was wrong I help up my end and they freaked out because the big manager was coming in, and tried to get over on us I have receipts to show for it. While completely screwing us over we went to leave and the woman (Amy) the one covering for "Nancy" out of spite saw us walking out and slanted the door locking our dog inside to which I have an animal cruelty police report on and intend to use it. They have made it s pool we are high and dry after keeping our word. Plain disgusting.

  • Updated by Kristinashworth, Jun 09, 2019

    Cooking books/ people staying for nothing/ vicious dogs/ cats although not allowed/ employees boyfriend stays for nothing/ out in the parking lot all night in jer vehicle with her boyfriend/ dog crap in the stair wells/ meth smoke in the hallways and etc.

Jun 09, 2019
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