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Woodforest National Bankdebit card/local hanover pa branch

B Dec 06, 2018
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Manager at Woodforest in Hanover,
Please note, I am also sending a complaint to Headquarters in TX. I did not want to cause a scene in the Lobby of Walmart however; I am very angry and I am closing my accounts. Below are the reasons why:
Chip does not work in my debit Card. I asked to have a new card and was told I would be charged $10? Really? It's not my fault that the chip is no longer readable. I will not pay $10 other banks replace your debit card for free. Very inconvenient.
October 25th I had $85.00 in my secondary account. I wrote a check to charity for $80. I opted to have this account Sweep feature turned on incase my primary account was over drawn. I live paycheck to paycheck as a single Mother of three.
October 27th I called the branch and asked to have the sweep turned off as I was over drawn and I didn't want funds removed from the secondary account because my check didn't clear. I received a call back stating the sweep was disabled and the sweep would not take place. Great!
October 29th Sweep took place anyway. Leaving $35.00 in that account. Then $5 sweep fee was charged. I immediately called your branch and got voicemail. I left a message that this needed to be reversed as I requested a stop on the sweep service.
Then the check posted. Wasn't enough to cover because my account now had $30 in it. I called the branch a second time again getting voicemail. NO ONE ever called me back.
October 30th Check bounced and I was charged $29 over draft fee all because someone at your branch didn't do their job. I transferred money into the secondary account and contacted customer service via email and my check went through as debit. But I lost $34.
I am closing the secondary account today. My intent was to use it as a savings account.
November 23rd Debit Card got Declined ay Grocery Store called 800# I was told that on November 7th, 16 days earlier there was a charged for $1 at Turkeyhill came through and was flagged fraudulent. Really $1 and it took 16 days to figure it out? How about someone contact me and ask me?
November 28th Debit Card got declined trying to make an online purchase. Once again I called 800# and was told that there was no zip code on file for my billing address. Then I noticed I was charged a $10 returned mail fee. REALLY! My Mail has been forwarded due to a temporary move while fighting in court over my home due to a divorce. My driver licenses and billing address have not changed. Again how about a phone call. Pretty sure my address is none of your business? I do not have a loan with your bank.
December 5th Debit Card got declined at Dollar General with at least 6 people in line after me. So embarrassing! A week later I was yet again calling the 800# and was asked if I was out of state. I was in Gettysburg, PA. She stated there was a problem with the merchant? I sat on the phone trying to get this resolved as I watched customer after customer swipe their Debit/Credit Card and It was working just fine. I then had to run to an ATM and got charged $3 for the transaction just so I could complete my purchase. I'm over it. I'm over being humiliated and the time I waste.
I will be closing my primary account after the New Year and my direct deposit is rerouted.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Woodforest National Bank's response · Dec 19, 2018

    We hear your frustration. We'd like to get a few more details. Can you send an email to [protected] with your contact information, so we can reach out? – WNB

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