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Wolf & Badger review: Delivery/returns

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I ordered some shoes from Wolf and Badger on October 1st 2023 and the delivery date was quoted as 6th-10th October. I had not received the shoes so on the 12th of October I emailed to enquire. They responded on the 13th saying they would get in touch with the maker. I then received an email from a different person from W and B saying that if they have not heard from the maker, that they would proceed to cancel my order and issue a refund. I responded on Wednesday 18th of October asking for a refund. I did not receive a response to this email. On Thursday 19th of October a different member of W and B emailed to say that the items would be delivered between 20th and 23rd October! I repeated my request for a refund via email on the 19th October. I then received an email saying that this would not be possible as the designer would have to confirm the cancellation! I informed them that my contract is with them and I require a refund. Someone different yet again from W and B then emailed in response to ask which order I was talking about when the other staff were able to see the whole thread. I then responded to that email again asking for a refund and confirming my order number on 21st October. I have just received an email from W and B stating that they can see my shoes have been delivered. I have an email confirming that the courier company that the designer used has returned the shoes to them! Please help as these shoes were incredibly expensive and I think Wolf and Badger are scamming me!

Desired outcome: Refund and huge apology

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