Wixcustomer service

W Aug 02, 2018

I am not even talking about the noumers bugs I had to deal with.

The automated costumer service is never willing to send a human response. All I ever get from them over ther course of dozen of emails is pre-prepared paragraphs with the sole purpose of covering their asses and keeping their money safe.

They will never admit a bug, only "we are sorry you are having diffuclties with our platform", they will never give any sort of compensation for time, or money lost over bugs and melfunctions in thier platform.

I would seriously advise anyone wanting to open a shop with wix to not do it. You will only get headaches, time lost, money lost, and hair loss.

It might look easy and fun but in practice? Wix is not the place to set up your store.

I would only consider wix to open a one-page gallery of my excrements.

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