Wish.comstole our money

M Aug 14, 2018 Review updated:

Purchased an item for $15 and $45 was taken out of our Bank account. After trying to solve it through email with Wish support, we received nothing but pointless, time-wasting back and forth messages regarding a refund as they stole our money. Any link sent through email shows an error code - which makes it more dodgey on their end as theyre avoiding any chance to help or address this issue. It is highly illegal and unprofessional. Give us a refund or we will not be afraid to take matters further. You cannot just rob people of their money when you feel like it. We have been patient for days now but like I said havent received anything even remotely helpful from Wish Support. Their phone number is a robot that charhed me.for 2 minutes international as I am from Australia and did not help either. All social media sources are a robot as well. This is highly unprofessional for a "Business".
Not happy.


  • Tj
    TJ ButterBean Aug 19, 2018

    I went thru the same crap with them it went on for a good 3 months of all this back and forth email. I ordered about $135 worth of stuff from them. I NEVER RECIEVED ONE ITEM OR REFUND OR ANY KIND OF AMMENDS.they just kept saying the were looking into. It started when i was checking shipping I noticed wrong delivery address i did what it said to do and nothing. They said i put it in wrong. UMM no sorry my payment wouldnt have worked with wrong address. In the end 3 months later they said they couldnt issue a refund because the 2 wk refund time was long gone!!! I do believe they do it on purpose. So not only did they get my money they then got the items returned "supposedly" they were about to turn around and sell them again. THEY NEED TO BE CLOSED DOWN!!

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