Wish.comsilver necklace order id: (5dc1baed6f53c1445e9c7c7f)

K Nov 27, 2019

I ordered for six products. (7/11/19) from wish of which two arrived today (27/11/19). One an earring and the other a necklace. To my surprise, I opened the package that is suppose to contain necklace as labelled only to see a pair of socks inside.
So I would like a refund of my money if I can't be sent the necklace I ordered.
Below is the picture of the necklace am suppose to receive and the socks I received in it stead.

silver necklace order id: (5dc1baed6f53c1445e9c7c7f)
silver necklace order id: (5dc1baed6f53c1445e9c7c7f)

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