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J Jul 09, 2019 Review updated:

I never received my order, will not refund me. I have paid for nothing!
Order Placed: Jun 10, 2019
Order #: 5cfdb401fb92ba496cb9ae01

China Post says this was delivered on it's tracking, but I never did receive it. Brylle Ian in Wish Customer Support will not help me, beyond telling me that tracking says delivered, and I should look around for it. USPS told me they do not scan China Post tracking numbers when they deliver, so the China post saying it was delivered it not valid. Also, this item is $6.30 I'm not going to lie about not receiving it, and it's a matter of principle. Brylle Ian in Wish Customer Support has been obstinate and keeps closing my "tickets" as solved. I don't consider " go look for it" a solution. I will never order from Wish again.

question #: 5d2157e99e0abc554f1d9efc
question #: 5d2157e99e0abc554f1d9efc
question #: 5d2157e99e0abc554f1d9efc


  • De
    Deborah A. Ganoe Jul 10, 2019

    Same thing happened to me. Very frustrating. Apparently this is their common practice. I have no idea how they can still be in business. But then again they are getting our money and not sending the products we ordered so they are making bank. Smh

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  • Myra Smith Jul 13, 2019

    If possible can you please provide me with the tracking number? Not sure why post office said they can't track it when they most certainly can. You have to speak to an actual rep. They can let you know if package made it to US. On another note I purchased this same item from Joom. It's a way better site and every item has a warranty and no shopping cost.

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  • Jp
    Jpbell Jul 22, 2019

    @Myra Smith Thanks for the info on Joom, I just bought it there.

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  • Myra Smith Jul 22, 2019

    @Jpbell You're very welcome and I actually meant shipping cost😁🤦

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