Wish.compoor products and failure to provide satisfactory customer service


I have purchased many items from wish website. One pair of boots ripped right off the sole within the first hour of wearing them, one item came broken in pieces, two items were not as described and what they should have been. One item did not arrive and they refused to send a replacement or give my postal office permission to further investigate to locate this item. One item was damaged and they refused to send me a replacement. I was having fraud activity going on in my bank account and for the purpose to investigate my account was frozen. All these items were purchased from a credit card linked to that account. I had to open up a new bank account and update wish with my new credit card. I strictly stated that for this purpose I did not want refunds on any of these items as my bank stated that any funds put into the frozen account would be lost and I would not have access to. Wishes policy is not to refund and card other than the one items were purchased with. Therefore I asked many times for store credit to purchase new items or replacements of the lost and broken items. For a week and a half now I have been emailing back and forth and have demanded to speak to a manager or someone able to assist me with the issues I was having. I have been refused any contact information for someone to assist with customer service and have continuously been declined replacements or credit as they went ahead and refunded all the items without my consent to do so because I knew I would have no access to any funds put through my old account. I have been extremely frustrated and put through so much distress trying to have these issues resolved and getting no assistance what's over. I'm at a loss how to file a formal complaint about this company and how to contact someone with authority within their company to assist me.

  • Updated by Dawn86 · Oct 19, 2017

    I have explained my complaint in the original text. If any further details are required please do not hesitate to call or contact me. Thank you

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