Wish.comit’s about the limited quantity deals

L Oct 09, 2019 Review updated:

I'm highly disappointed in is advertisement because I been declined every single thing that I tryed order (Limited quality deal ) and it's really start to make me vary annoyed to the point I'm going to stop ordering though this company and start whiteing bad reviews it not my fuilt there not processed I put my orders in on time and they are never responding to me on time to get qualified for them so can you do me a favor and check your staff and I know they're are excepting other orders because my cousin was sitting right here next to me and hers was excepted and processed For the exact same stuff I got and I have wrote several complaints and that neither one would help me on trying to figure it out what is truly going on why I'm getting decline thank you


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      Oct 12, 2019

    this limited quantity deals are a scam for take money to people and make the visit Wish no more i wanna buy anything from this fake website,

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