Wish.comdelivery, missing items issues

J Dec 21, 2019

I have now lost money on 2 missing items that shows delivered with and no items to be found. Not by my neibors, nor surrounding area. The delivery confirmation states in or around mailbox. I live in a large community with community mailboxes. With that said, "in or around" is to vaugue of a tracking form to indicated it was delivered to the right mailbox. I contact support. Of course no live human but a robot script text chat box on the app. They just keeped reponding with the tracking infor and to check with neibors. No refund no replacement of item. NO further help!

By far the WORST customer support sytem in place. You are providing a product for comsumers and obtaining $$ exchange for it and clients are not reiceiving items adecuatly and you wash your hands with it and keeping the funds! UNETHICAL AND UNPROFESSIONAL! needss to be investigated like all other scam and defruading companys out there.

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