Wish.comaccount hacked no response

S Jan 05, 2020 Review updated:

I received an email from, stating that my email had been to a whole new email address and the approval was sent to their email address. If I didn't request this I could go to the app or email. I went to the app, but was blocked because my account was now the hackers account info. I emailed the company and haven't received a response in 9 days meanwhile this hacker has access to me credit card info. Tried the phone number which is also a joke in that it redirects you to email and app. They advertise 24/7 customer service online ---9 days later I disagree!! They leave you stranded and offer no help just ignore all my concerns.


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    RecovHi Jackers Jan 06, 2020

    what was changed email to. write it down.

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    Bob Morphew Jan 08, 2020

    The same happened to me on January 4th. It has been 4 days after the fact and still no response as well from customer support. UNBELIEVABLE!!! My login email was changed to a "throw away" email [email protected] which doesn't exist anymore.

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    RecovHi Jackers Jan 12, 2020

    I cant see what email was that . send to me email address i will check and reply you back

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