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M Jan 12, 2020 Review updated:

I purchased over 400.00 in limited quantity daels on Wish, the items I was paying for retail processed immediately. The sale offers not a SINGLE one went through and they waited 2 days to tell me. Had to go and put in for return on each item individual. Not worth it, SCAM... They don't even give you back . 75 they give back . 72. Cents not much of a difference but I was in mental health crisis and went. Really overboard!!
I. Purchased OVER 400 items(bipolar mania.)Now as I said I have to put in individual refunds for each purchase. Otherwise I run risk of getting Wish cash back.

  • Updated by Melissa Sutphin400 · Jan 20, 2020

    How do I do the 5.00 Visa thing? I placed 450 orders Got nothing but bank mad!

  • Updated by Melissa Sutphin400 · Jan 20, 2020

    Happened to me during a mania to/450 items. Got NOTHING but grief from my bank becase it was limited I got explation but not 1 item. How do you do the Visa?


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    bobupndown Jan 20, 2020

    They have been doing this since I can remember. I don't remember specifics because it was that long ago, but I think I can relate. I went through the entire site looking for and finding the best prices, with free shipping, on hundreds of products. Then sifted through the sketchy looking ads and deleting those items from my cart. Overall it took a couple of days(manic). Then all of it went to sh#t and the returns begun. Almost every single order and it took a couple of weeks. No sensible explanation or possible course of retraction was given. I really can't believe this is still possible. Not that it caused any annoyance compared to what you or I went through, but I got myself a $5 no reload Visa card and did the same thing, but with all the most expensive stuff I could find. Waste of five bucks, but it made me feel a tiny bit avenged.

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