L Mar 07, 2017

I am submitting this claim because I want all my money refunded to me that was promised to me because you will not except my card and I cannot buy on wish again. My Wish account keeps telling me that I am to receive all my money Bath on my orders that I had previously thought. Now you owe me $231 and you took it out of my account really quickly when I place that order and I expect it in my account within a day, all of it, or I'm getting mylawyer involved and I will sue you. I will never use Wish again. Every time I place an order it tells me to contact support. Only I am not able to contact support because it keeps telling me to upload a copy of my credit card. If you do not want a bad review from me, and I will post all over Facebook how I was treated while using your app, I expect my money back now. All $230.00.

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