Wish online shoppingunable to place items in my cart

I Sep 16, 2018 Review updated:

I have tried twice this morning to place orders into my cart I just wanted to order all at the!same time
instead they started to process my item's single I had to then cancel the item I have ordered other items for as long
that I've been online shopping and I have had no problem why is there no cart shown on your shopping site if there is
no cart shown then I!think I will be unable to place any orders so!I will have to browse other cheap channel's


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    gayle1955 Sep 17, 2018

    Thank You, I just came here to complain about that same issue. There is no way to put items in cart, to use promo codes, to see taxes and shipping fees. You see an item you want now and there is only a BUY button

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