I had a similar problem with wish, I had ordered a product that was out of stock and was originally refunded the $50 I had paid for it, when the product came back in stock it was priced at $205 so naturally I decided not to purchase at such an increased price and left it in the saved list incase it came back on special I would purchase, however about a week later I noticed $248 missing from my account it was the price of the product plus delivery, I had not requested this product at this price and contacted wish to cancel it and refund me but they just refused and said I must have accidentally placed the order, knowing that I hadn't and thinking if it was a mistake I should still be refunded so I contacted them again but Recieved no response and so I contacted a third time, they have purposefully delayed contacting me and their final response is that it has been shipped and cannot be cancelled I have to wait 3 weeks until the product is due to arrive and then send it back, I was not satisfied with this response but had no other choice but to agree to this so I contacted again to ask how they wished to compensate me for the cost of posting the item back to them and which I was informed that I will not be refunded any delivery fees .. I'm very unsatisfied with this resolution and expect the item probably never was sent and I will be waiting a long time to get any of my money back if ever, I will never be shopping with wish again they are a bunch of

Oct 11, 2019

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