SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / purchased the 2019 un,19iversal keyboard was not happy with it.

United States

in the first place it was not as advertised stating that the product was worth more than $900.00 any way i got a return shipping label sent it off and it was returned to me saying it had the wrong address I notified Wish of the problem and asked for another shipping address they kept giving me the same shipping label so I sent the package to the address the Post Office said was the forwarding address, again it was return to me I notified Wish about the problem and again I got the same shipping label as before this time I took it into the post office and why this package keep coming back to me and they told me that the label didn't have enough postage and the it would cost an extra $4.30 and at last check it was In Chino CA still not delivered and not sent back this time and I still have not received a refund. and this has been processed since Feb 9, 2019 when I did the first return, can you help me get my money back .
Thank you,
Bettie Baker


May 15, 2019

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