Wish.compricing and false advertising

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I agree with what she is saying about items being advertised at a low low price and even free but as soon as you pick from the color or size pop up, it reveals the actual price for the item. The Wish platform was not like that before. If the item was advertised as free, it was free with the exception of shipping. I have ordered from this app previously and there is a significant change; The advertised is false and deceptive. I even went to the related tab section to and found the same item, different priced advertised, different company, and even a lower priced advertised. But once I get to the size and color section there it was, the real price. Just the same as before. I don't like getting teased like that. I just want to know what does the ad price have anything to do with what they're really selling it for?!? Even with the promo and discount codes and blah, does does an item go from free to paying $6 in shipping to checking out your cart and the total come $18.00?!? Totally rhetorical, quite entertaining if you like mind [censored]s.

Oct 20, 2019
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