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o whom it may concern

I have made a complaint through resolver regarding an iPad cover which isn't on my order as it was a replacement one that was sent out when the one I had was faulty. Now I didn't get this straight away and if my records are up to date then I am assuming this information plus my messages will be logged on there.. The iPad cover I received didn't reach me until late August, I have been trying to complain with this company since then as due to the iPad cover not having any support to hold my device my iPad as fallen out of it and my charge port is broken, meaning I cannot charge my iPad or use my iPad without force of charging. Now as I stated above I have gone through resolver as I am now without a device due to the cheap rubbish that was sent out to me. I am sick of this company batting my complaints back to me with a fob off, so let me tell you I do not scam nobody and when I purchased in faith I expected a decent cover which was a complete pack of lies to what it stated on order, now when I spoke to somebody through wish he stated another one would come out to me but did I expect a shoddy case with no support to hold my iPad device. Now as I have stated through resolver I want somebody to take this complaint serious as I am in the process of getting this sent higher due to wish not taking responsibility for my device which is now broken on port due to shoddy products sent me. I would like my iPad port replaced or a new iPad sent to me the same spec to the one I have now. I am not tolerating ignorance from this company and I will proceed through the correct manners until this gets resolved as I am fuming with the lack of empathy this company as for its customers.

Oct 08, 2019

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