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Wish complaints 4310

1:32 am EDT

Wish All of them ive order since april

Well i have placed orders back in april and still have not recieved all of them and its very frustrating to have order and it be taking on going 3 months almost and still have not recieved all of them..Also every time its either almost the date its suppose to be here they take my date farther off or after the datr of delivery .I also had a item that arrived in my states and still took over a month to get it or.longer.So i get the covid 19 or whatever but tp be running a company and get service thiz way is very good way of letting the custmers down.Also i use to have good things to say for wish and was telling people to order from wish and now from all this with getting my stuff i now tell people to not go thru wish cause they cant get the dates right of when u will get it or still be almost 3 months down the road and still waiting on items that wad only going to take a few weeks .so better go somewhere else if u want to be satisfied

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8:02 pm EDT
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Wish Pair of pillowcases

Ordered in February from China. Delivery was supposed to be in April. Company said to wait until April 15, then May 15, then June 15 . I keep asking about delayed delivery due to the pandemic. They say that orders arriving on time. I received a refund from my bank back in May but I feel this company should be outed as a rip-off business. Too many people have been conned by this company.

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12:54 pm EDT

Wish Placed an order for $238.09 on May 17th. Where is my order. ?

My name is BettyAnn DiGiacomo
52 Falmouth Drive
Mount Laurel,
New Jersey, 08054
Placed my order on my credit card
for $238.09 in May 17th, 2020
Where is my order!

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7:22 pm EDT
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Wish Sandbag weight power training

I placed an order with you all on May 11th, 2020 for a power training sandbag from the vendor Zhouxiaosmile (at least that is what is listed as the store). Since my initial order, my delivery date has been pushed back multiple times. It is now July 2nd, 2020 and my package has still not shown up and you all have moved my estimated delivery once again. It was previously scheduled to be here by July 4th, 2020 after already being pushed back from June 14th, to June 19th, to June 25th. The original delivery date was between May 15th, 2020 and June 14th. I have tried contacting support about this, but you all don't leave room for users to actually type into the support thread. I also tried contacting you all by phone and received a message saying that you Currently do not offer phone support. It has been well past 30 days of my initial order and beyond 30 days of the first possible delivery date which was May 15. When I try to search for the vendor online to contact them about a refund, I can not find them anywhere online. Could you all please refund me the money for my order or put me in contact with the bender so that they can refund my order.

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5:25 pm EDT

Wish Online buying. No deliveries. Where's my stuff?

I have written, complained, asked nicely, even apologized for the Pandemic! But you still suck! I now see all the complaints on internet about problems with Wished I hadn't purchased one damned thing from Wish.scam.

Here are some of the items I haven't received yet.Inquiring as to order #4963, ordered 05/13/2020.
Aqua-magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush/High Profile/White - Thetford
31671 $58.99
When is this arriving?
Please respond.
On Friday, May 22, 2020, 06:50:05 PM PDT, Debra Keipp wrote:
where is my order? I ordered on May 13th, and have heard nothing from you about delivery date.
Order #4963.
Aqua-magicV RV toilet pedal flush $58.99.
When will I receive this order? If I don't hear anything from you within 24 hours, I'm calling the credit card company.
On Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 09:12:26 PM PDT, Wish wrote:
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Hi Debra,
Thanks for shopping with us!
The store is preparing your item for shipment.
Your item is expected to ship within the next 3 days.

Order ID: 5ebb33a434dca800699db5c9
Shipping Address:
Debra Keipp
PO Box 462
19999 Mountain View Road
Boonville, California 95415
United States

1/2/4PCS 12V LED Interior Ligh...
Store: jincancanfish
Quantity: 1
Size: 1PCS / 12V
Status: Preparing to Ship
Your order should ship between:
May 13, 2020 - May 16, 2020
Contact Support

Other items too numerous to try and thumb thru on my little kindle presently are:
LED floor lights for rv, 12 volt
LED ceiling lamp, 12 volt
Farm scene shower curtain
Cupping kit and acupuncture needles, 4 boxes in 2 separate orders. EBay is faster.
Wish just have a list somewhere of all my purchases. But they don't have stock on hand, right? That's the scam I've experienced, provoking slow deliveries, even before Pandemic.

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Update by BoxcarChavela
Jul 02, 2020 5:39 pm EDT

Do not want my address printed on internet! Warning! You think you got troubles now? Do not print my address on internet!

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7:18 am EDT

Wish Your system will not allow me to use a different credit card.

I have been buying items sucessfully for over 12 months using the credit card registered to Wish. This MBNA credit card was cancelled by MBNA due to suspected fraudulent activity. They have issued me with a new card. I have been trying to use this card to make payment, but your system will not permit me to use it. I have tried going through your recommended method to use a new card but your system will not allow it. I have registered this complaint earlier but have not got a response. Please respond ASAP as I have a basket of items that requires payment.

Des Bingham

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6:34 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wish Merchandise

Order #5eb2f8310d663c8b6653a15f

I have not received any of the items for the above order #5eb2f8310d663c8b6653a15f.

Please refund $103.39 back to my credit card. 

I only received this flexible 2835 led strip light usb tv.

I do not want your products. I will continue to file complaints regarding my refund. I have not received my orders. 

I want my money back. Stop sending me back to your site. You are only extending the date. I do not want to do any business with wish.

Don't steal my money for merchandise I have not received. 

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12:21 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wish Refund

I would like to know why there's absolutely no way to contact anyone. Very poor customer service. I've been waiting over 2 months for one of these items I ordered and the day you have I still didn't receive the item so I'm asking for a refund and it's saying a partial refund really would like to get to the bottom of this we'll definitely figure out how the communication between you and the customer is absolutely not good.

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1:42 pm EDT

Wish Watch purchase

I purchased a watch from wish. It arrived weeks after it was suppose to and when I opened it there was no charging cord as the box said. With out this cord it will not turn on and is useless. Tried to complain on the site but got continually kicked out everything I tried to send. Do you back up your products or not. I need to either return it or get a charging cord

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5:41 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wish Someone order 277.00 of stuff off my dept card I didn't let them do

I was charged for something I never order 277.00 on the 6/21/2020 my is Byron ottes [protected] is my email u can contact me on there please I need my money back I sent a picture showing my bank account was charged

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leeann barnhart
, US
Jul 05, 2020 5:22 am EDT

Byron: I had the same problem and hadn't received the goods either. When I called my bank to find out what I could do, the man said I should file fraud charges. The bank credits your acct with the funds while they investigate, but the most important thing to me was they issued a new debit card so no one could get into my acct again w/o my authorization. The bank requires the merchant to prove your order with a copy of the purchase order. Something I learned from a bank clerk was to open a separate account just for online orders and you only deposit enough to cover what you ordered. That prevents them from having full access to your main account, just what's in that second account. If there's not enough money in that account when they attempt to overcharge you, they are told NSF - non sufficient funds. I like the idea of using a prepaid credit card, too. People at your bank may have other suggestions, also. Good luck but you may not get your money back unless you report it as fraud at your bank.

4:56 pm EDT

Wish Everything I ordered

I have not received any of my stuff I have ordered and then on top of that the dates that they said my stuff was going to come it keep getting changed and I want to know why it keep getting changed now either y'all can send me my stuff or put my money back on my card for everything I ordered

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1:53 pm EDT

Wish Jewelries and watches

I could not get into order history. I have ordered lots of items since the beginning of June and until now not even one item reached to my address. Is there some scam going on with WISH?

I am very disappointed and someone told me that Sieko, Citizen watches are all fake from China. Why are you selling fake items? It is not good.

Please check my account under the name: Dodi Mulinyawe
3848 S. West Temple #245
S. Salt Lake City Utah 84115


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4:26 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wish All Orders

Hello. My name is Paula Fortney and my email address is:

Please note: I have sent 9 separate emails to WISH customer service to help with my web-page. I have placed 8 orders and have received only one BUT when logging in, my home page is is another language than English so cannot communicate.

I have followed all instructions and it CANNOT be changed to English.

I want to communicate about my orders and to see status and charges.


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4:35 am EDT

Wish I was charged for a moneyclip / credit card holder and never received it

Back in April I ordered a money clip/credit card holder and never received it. I spoke to an agent and they requested a "order ID" when I went back to the Wish app it showed no record in my purchase history. I tried telling them that 3 times and they told me the same thing every time. you took the money from my debit card ($13.00) I would like a refund or send me my money clip.
thank you,
Tom Sutter

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8:06 pm EDT

Wish Aluminum framed locking gun pistol handgun lock box hard storage carry case

The item was ordered on May 10th, but I received a Processing Confirmation on the order until June 1st. It says it was then delivered on June 7th with a Delivery Estimate of May 15, 2020 - Jun 16, 2020 listed. On June 26th I received an email from Wish saying the item had been delivered, but I had received no package. The tracking email says the item was delivered by UPS and that it was when signed for by someone, but when I contacted UPS about the issue, they said that the tracking number I was given want listed to either my name or address. Wish's automated Customer Support system doesn't provide a way to get any information on the problem either.

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1:53 am EDT

Wish Unilateral cancellation of my handphone p40 pro and charge me shipping fees myr 52

on 18 june 2020 1am Malaysian time I went online to Wish to order a blue color p40 pro handphone for Myr 499.30 (337.30 myr plus shipping fee myr 52).
order was cfmed and payment through hong leong bank online was cfmed.Both proofs attached. My bank also confirmed payment went through and Wish confirmed they had received payment.

Few hours later on same day I approached
customer service to ask if I cud change my order from blue to green handphone. Mr Byrlle Ian unilaterally cancelled my order and proceed to refund me only myr 449.30 and forfeiting my shipping fee.
In the first place I never requested to cancel my order and numerous emails asking them to reinstate my order to no avail. 2nd they have
no right to charge me myr 52 (shipping fees) as they have not even
processed or shipped my order.
Now one Geraldine said they have not received my payment and this is what I worried about as Wish has a bad reputation after checking in internet and I worry they may not refund me. I want a full refund of myr 449.30 as they claimed there is no penalty charge and return me full refund.
I want a full refund soonest (they ask me to wait for 2 weeks) as I have no confidence in them at all after hearing so much complaints against them.
They have various customer agents to answer me but never explained why they charge me myr 52.

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2:23 pm EDT

Wish Unilaterally cancelling my handphone order after confirmation and deduct shipping fees myr 52 when they have not even ship my handphone

the order number for my P40 Pro 7.5 in handphone is 5eea502a40f7a0ade20e3ef6 and my name is Yik Tuck Kin (Andrew)

on 18 June 2020 (malaysian date) or (17 june Usa date) I went to online and ordered and paid through online banking
a handphone P40 Prp and the cost is Myr 447.30 pus myr 52 for shipping fees (total myr 499.30. I received an order confirmation through email.

On 19 june 2020, I contacted Wish customer support to ask if I could
change the color of my order from blue to green handphone.
Without giving me an opportunity to say anything (they have a terrible
customer support system where you cannot answer them much as
the structure answers are limited), they have unilaterrally cancelled
my order.
Not only that.. they have not even ship my item but they already deduct
the shipping fees of myr 52 and process to refund me only 447.30 myr.

I would wish they could to reinstate my original order...
appreciate your good office could look into this matter for me.

Thank you.

Andrew Yik — below is proof of brylle cancelled my order

Fw: Geraldine my order confirmation email and wrongful cancellation.
Jun 19 at 12:28 AM

PrintRaw message

andrew yik
To: [protected]

Below is the proof Brylle Ian unilaterally cancelled my order without even consulting me. This is copy of
the transaction in customer support. I also only use this email to communicate with Wish. In fact I used my
facebook to sign in to Wish. I have given you all the evidence of your end wrongfully cancelled my order.
Pls reinstate my order.
Thank you.

Your order is still processing and could take up to 5 days to ship. We'll notify you when tracking is available!
Is there something wrong with this item?
Wish Assistant | Jun 18, 2020
Andrew | Jun 18, 2020
I'm sorry - Since your order is close to being shipped, I can't cancel or change the order now.
If you need additional help, please contact a Wish support agent. What would you like to do?
Wish Assistant | Jun 18, 2020
Contact support agent

Andrew | Jun 18, 2020
Please describe the issue in detail so that we can best assist you.
Please take care not to include sensitive information such as credit card and personal identification numbers in your message.
Wish Assistant | Jun 18, 2020
Can I change the color of my order fm blue to green?
Andrew | Jun 18, 2020
Hi Andrew,

Thanks for contacting us. As this item hasn't processed yet and you want to change the variation of this item, I would recommend you to place another order for this item with the

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10:05 am EDT

Wish Order never received or arrived

I placed an order on website (online shopping) April 13th 2020, Curtain Eyelits for 30$ CAN. charges on my CC from Toronto.
over 2 months now the item never arrived, I sent 58 emails to customers Support with no results. asking them to cancel the order & refund my money, never replied with a positive answer. Initial date to receive the mechandises was May 11th 2020 - in their emails gave me another potential date June 10th 2020 - yesterday another potential date June 22nd 2020, this is a scam.
how this operating? there are thief, there are liying to customers.
Please give me more info about that,
I am a single mother need this money for my kids, to put bread on the table in these difficult time.
I can be reach at: micheline.[protected]

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10:44 pm EDT

Wish Orders

I place my orders in March and April and yet to updates, tracking information, or my products. I spent over $300 on material and you can't contact anyone for products updates

Says I received product I never received, somethings I received advertised one thing and I received something different.

Out of the 20 items I've ordered I received 4 items, which one items was inaccurately received

Says arrival days that I've received items that I have not received

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7:59 am EDT
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Wish Undelivered order

In the beginning of april I ordered 4 types of face masks for a total of $58.06
As of yet, all I have received is the free dog harness and a mask which I did not order. After a few e-mails with this company, I still hace nothing and they have not responded again.

I am not a wealthy person who is able to hand over this amount of money for nothing and now I can't even find my account,

Thank goodness I took screen shots on my cell phone.

Please help, I am having trouble getting pics from my phone but my order # is ; (at this point I just want a refund)

Please advise,

Thank you,

Connie mann
Largo, florida

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