Wimpywimpy serves old food


I'm disgusted by the poor service and old food served. On the 28 october 10:30 we decided to have breakfast at the wimpy trade route mall, served by manageress zola. We were seated at a table filled with at atchar which was cleaned when we asked for it to be cleaned. We placed our beverage order and had to wait 45 minutes before it arrived. We then placed our food order which took another hour to arrive and when asking why the food is taking that long we were simply ignored and told it's coming. By the time we received our food we were so hungry, we had no idea we had to inspect our food. As I took the first bite into my breakfast I noticed by bread had been moulded and was served to me as is. I called zola and was told that it was the bread company's fault. I beg to differ as wimpy served it! Our food was taken and we had to wait another 20 minutes to recieve a fresh plate which was supposed to be served the first time. Serving such food could cause food poisoning and if I am to fall i'll I will hold you responsible wimpy!!! I have pictures and I will be posting it so everyone can see that your franchise holds no consistency where quality is concerned


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