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bad attitude and slow service

Sorry wimpy, i apologise for trying to have a breakfast at your Fochville branch . i am also very sorry i had to inconvenience your staff to wait 2 minutes at your "wait to be seated sign" to be taken to a open seat where the whole restaurant only had 10 patrons in at that moment, i`m rally sorry to ask for a drink with my partner, i could see this by your frouning waitress that had to be told 3 times what we want, and waiting 10 minutes for a cream soda and ice coffee, , sorry to inconvenience for the mega breakfast and cheese griller we ordered with the drinks(at that same time hey). we didn`t know that the kitchen staff wan`t in the mood for making anybody breakfast.. we apologise for sitting and waiting half an hour for food we ordered and we had to stand up and leave before we had to eat.. seemingly as we had a clear view of your kitchen. no food was prepared.. we then went to the counter, and sorry .. we paid for our drinks and voiced our apology to your manager that looked like she wanted rid of us.. every staff member seemed a bit relieved as we went away. o yes i got SARAH`s number. and trying to phone the woman her phone is off. so please apologise to her as well please.. Sorry wimpy, we will nwver ever be a inconvenience and eat anything from you again, like normal friendly patrons

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    Dennis van Blerk Nov 03, 2012
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    Wimpy, Table view- Bay-side mall, cape Town.My wife and I decided to have a light lunch-en, the order was placed and with in no time the lunch arrived, I was SHOCKED when I saw the plate on which the food had been placed, One could see that the plate had been wiped out with a OILY FATTY DISH CLOTH, This to me was so unhygienic and disgusting, I requested for the manger and a lady came out to attend to my needs, she inspected and agreed that the plate was filthy and removed it. She asked if she could replace it. I decline due to the poor hygiene standards.
    Prior to leaving, I requested to see the franchise holder who was in the office, his his name was Russel, I asked if he aware of what had transpired with the my lunch-en and the unhygienic plate, he said no. This shows that they don't even report matters to the owner or on site manager and there matters can't be improved.
    Based on the unhygienic condition of the food served I will NEVER EVER visit or use that wimpy in Bay-side mall again.

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manager and staff have a don't care attitude

I have had problems with the above mentioned Wimpy on two occasions. On the most recent occasion, I went in with a friend from overseas for breakfast. We sat there for approximately 15 minutes without our table being cleaned or acknowledgment from any of the waitresses that passed by during this time. Patrons that came in after us were seated, had their tables cleaned and their order taken. Upon asking one of the waitresses why we were still being neglected after 15 minutes, she responded in a very rude manner that, this was not her table. I continued to sit for another 5 minutes waiting for a waitress. I there after left the area and asked to speak to the manager. I told the manager that the waitresses have a bad attitude and that we are now leaving as we waited for approximately 15 minutes whilst patrons that came in after us were seen to. The manager responded by saying :THAT'S FINE, YOU MAY LEAVE IF YOU WANT. I'M SORRY, and she smiles. My question to wimpy is, Is this the type of image we create as South Africans? Is the customer not of value anymore. I am deeply offended and embarrassed that my friend had to leave with such a bad impression of South African customer service.

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    digby Dec 13, 2011
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    Zevenwaght Mall, Kuils River Cape Town

    I LOVE Wimpy breakfasts, and as I am on the road, as a sales consultant I have many, all over the show at different towns, and all are exemplary.Fresh hot crisp bacon and wonderful white crispy chips, eggs done to perfection, not to mention the thick soft toast on which I usually pop my eggs.And not to forget the lovely firm but cooked tomato"s.This is what I have come to expect from Wimpy.
    THEN you get the one at Zevenwacht Mall.I went there once before and swore then never again.Why I went there again and took a partner I dont know why, but I did.
    AGAIN the food was totally unacceptable!!!The TOAST was flat as a pancake, and you needed a chainsaw to get through it.The BACON not only did not really taste as it should?something not right there, off MAYBE?, hence the fact that I just made it home to the loo.The chips man...GREY and soggy UCK .OLD OIL taste.The tomato definitely not fresh either.The eggs were not too bad.This can give Wimpy a very bad name.It takes years to build a good name, and moments for some branch to destroy it.I will NEVER support them again, and nor should anyone else.

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    Honest Nduna Sikhosana Jun 08, 2016
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    Hello Wimpy. M a guy who have worked for this franchise for a long tym, not having any problems with any member of the crew. But I was so shameless and felt neglected buy of the member who represent the franchise when she similarise me with a BABOON which has lead to open the old wounds. It's very clear that the lady is still living in the old days and still fill of racism. Your assistance will be highly appreciated before it goes any further or i take it to the next step

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bad service - waited 45-50 min for our food

We were on our way back from vacation and stopped at the Wimpy in Pongola. I waited 15min to be seated. Eventually I walked up to one of the waiters and asked them for a table. No one came to the table to take our order, we had to call a waiter by waving and we were not the only customers doing that. After placing our order we waited 45-50 min for our food to arrive. My husband walked up to the manager and asked her what was going on where she just replied Hmmm...totally unacceptable!! Then all of a sudden some of our food arrived, we were still waiting for the hamburgers the most common food ordered in a Wimpy. Needless to say we waisted +-2hours of our travel time due to poor service.

Please just let me know what happened as Wimpy Pongola went from the best Wimpy in the country to the worst!!

wimpy monte casino must surely take the prize for the being the worst of the worst

Wimpy Monte Casino must surely take the prize for the being the worst of the worst - service and attitude, the waiter was so helpful and apologetic but the manager and kitchen staff no words to describe - 1hour + for food and then frozen - no apology - how are they going to cope in 2010 visitors are in for a rude awakening at that branch.

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    aassdd Oct 11, 2010
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do not bother ordering a take away here

I recently went to the Take Away service at Wimpy and OR Tambo's Domestic Departures, I ordered a toasted sandwich and and a Iced Coffee. I received my sandwich within ten minutes, no problems. I had just about finished the sandwich when the manager asked if she could assist me, I responded that I was waiting for my coffee.

The lady that took my order seemed to have dissapeared. I then noticed through the window that she was then only starting the coffee. I asked the manager if she was only starting the coffee at that point to which she responded that No, and it was on its way. The manager then proceded to scream through the window. The ingredients then fell out of the blender and lady who was making it picked up all of the ice with her hands and threw it back in.

I asked the manager to please refund my coffee, she ignored me and only acknowledged my request after my last assertive request.

I received my money back but was told I could no longer have my receipt because then it will look as though the manger was ***, she just shrugged her shoulders when I said I would never order from there again (and I fly once a week) and that the service was shocking!

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very unclean playzone

On sunday 4th October we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Arbour Crossing, Amanzimtoti branch of Wimpy. We choose Wimpy most often for the play area as it allows our 2 year old some freedom while we enjoy a lunch. The play area was empty and my 2 year old is not yet confident on manouvering through the system without someone to show him the way. In order to empower my son(and give my husband endless giggles) I climbed into the play area to show him how to climb through the various sections. I wanted to show him how to get to the 'ball' structure on the end as he would have been able to see our table from there. As I entered the tunnel leading to this ball I was overcome by the smell of urine! I stuck my head forward and saw a 'puddle' in the base of the ball with old food debris floating in it. I immediatelly removed my son from the play area and found other ways to entertain him during our lunch.

While I understand the practical implications of staff accessing this pay area I feel it is imperative that a childrens area be checked and cleaned regularly to ensure a high hygiene standard is maintained. We will have to think twice before allowing him in the playzone again!

they did not bring my change

I ordered breakfast from Wimpy and when Tracy delivered the food she didnt bring change, I gave her the money and she promised to bring back change.After 2 hours without hearing anything from them I called. Albertina answered the phone and as I was really irritated I asked her how long was I supposed to wait for R8, she answered 'Hey Koketso we were going to bring your change when we didn't have any more order as we have been busy' and when I complaining she asked me if I wasnted to speak to her manager and I said no.She was screaming at me and when I told her I am Keketso not Koketso she said whatever! I asked to speak to the manager while holding I heard her saying to the manager 'at first she didn't want to talk to you but now she wants to'.When she came I asked her name and she said Shirley and she apologised and promised to bring the change immediately.when the Tracy got here I was quite upset because of the abuse and rudeness I was subjected to.I asked whats the managers name and she said Sally.I responded that even managers lied.she went back and told the managers who later called and told me whose problem was it if I couldn't pronounce her name.

the service was unacceptable, we'll never eat there again

We went to Wimpy in Eastgate for breakfast last Sunday. Ordered two double up breakfasts and a plate of chips. The second plate breakfast didn’t have bacon, the waiter Vusi didn't even notice! We also had to remind him of the plate of chips we ordered, it got there just before we finished the plates of breakfast. Vusi then disappeared again, I asked one of the other waiters to please call the manager and the manager never came to our table. The service was unacceptable, we'll never eat there again!

treated badly, small portions and did not advise me of special/promotio

Yesterday at 10.30am we went for breakfast to Wimpy Parkrand and after placing our order (A very slow process as waiter did not really understand) we notice that the free mug promotion flyer and as this was the same breakfast we had order, called the waiter explained situation he merely replied you should said so cannot change now? decided to leave it then but we food arrived it was bad ie Small portions, cold chips hard eggs(when meduim requested) and toast small, seems that this branch of Wimpy is on a cost cutting drive as being a regular (weekly Sunday) client at another branch this is not what we receive from other Wimpys.

Resolved bad service

Being a mother of a three-year old boy, who loves to eat at the Wimpy, I wish to bring under your attention...