William HillBet made but did not pay out



Ive made a bet on William Hill.
My bet was:
Ronaldo to score first and Portugal to win 1-0.
The odds given was 135/1 which I accepted and placed.
The bet was settled and I won the bet.
When I went onto William Hill, the Bet was void for Ronaldo to score first and they only paid out 6/1 for Portugal to win 1-0.
Now this is unfair since they accepted my bet and if I had lost, they would have take my money.

Bet made but did not pay out


  • Dp
    DPSG Jun 25, 2012

    I am sure that if Rolando had been the goalscorer they would have paid out. Moral - check your slip before you leave the counter.

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  • Jm
    jmk1177 Jul 16, 2012

    you bet on rolando and not RONALDO. Rolando is a centre back who plays for Porto. Looking at the screen, it seems as though you placed the bet online, hence, it is your own responsibility to check you have the correct selection. Also, common sense would state that 1-0 portugal ronaldo first GS would never have odds at 135/1, it would be more closer to 6s or 7s. Bet was voided as rolando did not take part in the match, therefore, bet was voided and hence settled correctly.

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  • Jo
    John wyn owen Oct 28, 2014

    I placed a bet on golf tournaments on the 24th of Oct this was after the second round of both tournaments they where the Japan open and the Macau open. My bet was a £1ew double on k oda in the Japan open which he won and on a.groom in the Macau open where he was 4th . when I went to collect my money which wasn't a lot was told that the bet was void as betting had been suspended at the time I placed the bet for William hill hadn't reformed the new market odd for the golf players therefore my bet shouldn't have been accepted by the staff member and therefore my bet was declared void. I wonder if anyone could advice me if that decision was indeed correct thanx

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  • Re
    Reviewer13939 Sep 11, 2015

    Why do we have to have betting thrown at us every day in adverts, its hard for people who have gambling problems ! We are sick of it.
    Children see it which is not right.

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