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Wilber & Associates Complaints & Reviews

Wilber & Associates / payments/ and they are super RUDE!!!

Jul 19, 2019

An unathorized user crashed my car and hit 2 other vechiles, as the car was not insured at the time the other drivers insurance pursued for damages, understandable. After months this companies rude employee started harassing and calling and damanded payments without sending us any sort of...

Wilber & Associates / they are lying and saying that I owe someone over $18.000

Mar 22, 2019

These people are such scam artists. They called me on my cell phone on March 21, 2019 and left me a message to call another number. The phone number they gave me 800-313-5169. When you dial it now it says that it can't be reached. My condo caught on Fire in December of 2018. They telling...

Wilber & Associates / getting my licence suspended

Sep 17, 2018

My daughter was in a accident that was not her fault that totaled my car and injured her I am struck driver and had accidentally let my insurance laps so I paid the fine then the a hole used me for damages to his car 1031.62 they send a letter my licence is to be suspended even though I...

Wilber & Associates / scam using public records to scare people!!!

May 10, 2018

I just got a call from wilbur & associates 1-800-313-5169 claiming it was urgent regarding my car accident! Indeed a year ago I was in a very minor accident which went through insurance as the other party thought she had to file. Very minor, settled for under $1000 through allstate and...

Wilber & Associates / I have no idea!

Mar 14, 2018

This caller has continuing calling and then hang up several times a week. We did had the phone number blocked as we have no clue who they are, until I looked them up by google. Again, we do not have anything against us and who are they? I believe they are harassing the wrong person or if...

Wilber & Associates / wrongful collection of debt and violation of disputed debt

Oct 08, 2017

In Reference to – Our Client – Payless Car Rental Client Claim #: 158013597 Reference #: 1593660-66 Claim Date: 08/05/2015 Under the fair debt practices act, I am exercising my right to formally dispute this debt. This debt has been disputed previously with the involvement of my insurance USAA...

Wilber & Associates / Attorneys / insurance

May 17, 2016

I returned a phone to ROBERTS and associates since they claimed that My Son was involved in an accident that 6 months ago. She didn't have anything right even down to my name... When I told her that I didn't know what she was talking about she got extremely rude didn't let...

Wilber & Associates / This company's driver was guilty, but he lied the police

Jan 22, 2016

I recently had the accident and the second drive just ran from the scene. I called to the police and said everything what has happened, but they said that they would try to find the driver. They contacted me next day and said that the driver showed up and he told completely different...

Wilber & Associates / This lady threatened me and lied about the accident

Jan 10, 2016

I started to get emails and phone calls from Wilber Associates. The lady stated that my son was responsible for the accident and she assured me that we should pay for the damage. I was upset and contacted my son, who said that he hasn’t had any accidents and it was sort of scam. I was glad...

Wilber & Associates / Debt Collections

Nov 02, 2015

I could almost copy and paste the content from another complaint filed about this company on this very site. We are being asked for $3752 for a claim that we never received any information about prior to their call to my son while at work. They are also threatening that his license will be...

Wilber & Associates / Violation of Fair Debt Collection Practice Act

Feb 28, 2014

I have received daily phone calls from this "company" stating that we owe them $2300 for a vehicle accident that was not our fault. I had the "pleasure" of speaking with Keenan who informed me that we didn't have proof of insurance and that the police report stated that the accident...

Wilber & Associates / False Claim


I have tried to be in contact with Wilbur and Associates to figure out how I can pay for the damages that I caused last year. However, whenever I call them, I get an answering machine, and no one ever calls back. I would like to get ahold of them so I can get my license back.