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T Sep 15, 2018 Review updated:

The wig I received was such poor quality. The color was supposed to be a blonde medium length bob with no bangs and highlites and lowlites as the picture on the website shows. What I received was a short bob in a yellow color with no highlites or lowlites. And the part looks like a bunch of glue holding it together

I ordered a lighter color than what was given on the website so now the company is saying I custom ordered the wig and they are refusing to give me the address to return the wig. The woman even asked me to try to wear the wig. This wig is so ugly I could've bought it at a Halloween store. I was shocked at the poor quality.

This company should not be in business any longer!!! I spent $120 plus shipping on this wig and it is so ugly I will have to throw it away I guess. I cannot wear it.


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    Sharon’s Pics Dec 19, 2019

    Did not get the wig like pic nor a blond color, or style...unacceptable...asking for FULL refund!!!

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  • Ci
    Cin Bradler Dec 19, 2019

    Criminals. The wig I got was like something you'd get from a Halloween store. I can't even describe the color. Basically the color of taupe pantyhose if you can imagine that. I tried several attempts at getting a refund and all I got was emails asking me to do an exchange. This company WigSis should not only be shut down but criminally investigated.

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