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Plus Complaints & Reviews / damaged delivery merchandise missing

Jan 28, 2019

I ordered 100.00 in merchandise on Jan 15, 2019. On Jan 26 my order was accidentally found in the street under a snowbank by the driveway. There was no box, just a wig, broken Styrofoam wig head, scattered merchandise that I ordered. If my daughter was not shoveling snow the order would have... / delayed shipment/charge account when should have been credit.

Jul 21, 2017

I ordered two wigs from these people in late June/Early July. The wigs were back ordered-I received email from company stating they were not going to charge my account - WELL...guess what they did. They charged for one piece. I called and the representative promised to check on status of... / return/refund

Jun 28, 2017

I returned a wig for refund via Fedex for prompt return. Wig was received on June 1. On the website they say will be processed within 3 business days of receipt. After 2 phone calls, I received an email on June 19 telling me to allow another 5 business days for my credit. It is now June... / bad service!

May 31, 2017

Do not order from these people! I ordered from these people on may 13th. They say 5-9 days standard shipping. I got only a partial order and charged full price. Nothing from them about the rest of my items. Backordered?? No idea. They don't respond to your emails. And the item I received... / customer service

May 18, 2017

I ordered from twice! Same problem both times! I ordered and paid extra shipping, as others have stated and was never notified that my order had been placed on back order. I ask the customer service person if there is a way to tell if the wig is on back order and she says the... / purchase not received

May 11, 2017

Do not do business with this company! I bought an item and paid $266, including paying extra for 4-6 day shipping. It's a week later and I still have not received my product or even a shipping notification. I have tried emailing them several times, sent a Facebook message and tried calling... / charged me for product not delivered, only issued partial refund

Mar 03, 2016

Do not purchase from this company! They shipped a wig to me without providing me with any tracking or even updating the order status on their website from "processing, " and then UPS returned it to them, unopened, without leaving any notices at the delivery address - and then they had the... / money were withdrawn, no product

Jan 30, 2016

Set up and account with user name and password. Purchased a wig, using my PayPal account. The money was withdrawn from my account. But, the website got stuch and never completed the order. All of my information disappeared from their site. In fact, the wig appears to be still in... / bad service

Jul 31, 2014

This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with. I ordered a wig, 2 day express. the next day, I got confirmation it would be shipped. Two days later, I received an email saying it was on backorder, with no estimated date, but they will let me choos another color. I went to the site to do... / misleading language/ bad service

Apr 15, 2013

You pretty much have to "borrow" a color ring because the photos DO NOT look like the actual wigs, not even close! If you don't fork over the $60, you'll end up loosing money in shipping for every exchange. They only state a restock fee for returns, which to me, equates a refund... / returns


I placed a rather large order(over 150$) with in May of 2012 didn't revive my order till July 25th. When I got it, it was a completely wrong product than what I order, sent it back for a refund. I called them and they told me I couldn't revive my money back because it... / poor customer service


I placed an order with this company but when I discovered they were using UPS to ship the order I asked them to recall the order. They claim they tried but UPS did not comply? I also discovered t my dismay that the documentation was inappropriately completed and as a consequence I wound up... / terrible service/tru-color is misleading


Although offers very friendly service before the sale, good luck if you get caught in the situation I did where their 'tru-color' representation of their wig colors online is so far off that you get a color that is the opposite of what you thought you had ordered. The customer...

beauty and hair / unable to contact company for returning an item


I would like to return an item ordered online, upon receiving the item I realized I did not wish to keep it. I would like to return this item for complete credit. Could not get an answer by calling the number on the exchange form. I do not want this product, I did not tamper with it. And I would like to know simply how to return it to this company. / item payed for, never received


When I received my package from it only contained 2 of 3 items. On the shipping receipt it listed the last item as "backordered" with no estimated shipping date. This is the response I received today to my inquiry about the missing item: Hi Rachael, Thank you for contacting... / service


Classic, charge before ship(and not tell you it's backordered), I cancelled an order and they shipped a "back order" the same day within hours, really? So I had to absorb the return shipping, had a NASTY customer service rep try to blame the customer, claiming that they had no record... / not keeping me up to date with my order


I ordered a product online. I did not find out it was not available until 9 days later. %Then when I tried to reply, , no one answered my email for another week. They responded by telling me that the product I orderd was to be shipped the next week. that was 10 days a go and I still have... / very bad service


Waited for almost 2 months for my order after I paid for it. Told it was on B/O. I called for the 3rd time and was told that it was finally available and my order would be shipped immed. I would receive it the following Friday. Guess what, it is now Friday and no order. I just got off the... / no help with charge back


I wear wigs for a medical reason and when sent me out a humar hair wig that was falling apart, hair falling out without even touching it, I had a warranty on the wig for 90 days and when I called them they said the warranty didn't apply to that wig, even though the warranty...