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E Dec 02, 2019 Review updated:

This company is not the best ive delt with, i Have had nermerous issues with them taking moving from my bank account, i authorized the payment, but then they would pull other amounts from my account also, i have 5 children i dont have an assload of money in the bank, just enough to pay my bills, so when they take more it puts my bank in the negative and i get a fee there too. so i went in and changed my info So it comes out of a different account, cant overdraw that account and they are still taking money out of my account, changing my infor should mean I am no longer authorizing u to touch that account!!! But they did anyways. I want out from under this lease, sucks to have paid so much just to let them have it back, but im not paying another penny. I've told my bank to stop payment through them. They can come get it, the pools still in my back yard covered in snow!! Buyers beware, u will pay 3 times the value of the ite..


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      Dec 02, 2019

    Changing your information doesn't deauthorize the original agreement. The original agreement authorized indefinite lease payments until terminated by the client through either voluntary repossession or buyout. You should have read your contract. Having a bunch of kids and barely having enough money to get by is not a good excuse to renege on you contractual obligations, though having a bunch of kids and barely having enough money to get by should have been a sign that maybe you shouldn't be making frivolous purchases you cant afford without getting it through credit.

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