WhyNotLeaseItunethical behavior

J Jun 23, 2018

Sears rep talks me into this lease program telling me its a loan. IT IS NOT A LOAN! Lease means lease. . .even if the stupid rep says otherwise. But that is not the worst of it.

So I have noticed that my payments do not count, that they will charge me 41 dollars forever, and I am merely leasing the item, not paying it off. Luckily, I only borrowed 200. I have been paying 41 dollars each month to "lease" the item. At the end of my 5 month lease, I would still have to buy out over 150 to "own" the item. So I will pay well over 360+ for a 200 dollar "loan." That's loan shark math. . .

So I go to "buyout" the item online and avoid paying an extra 160+ money on this and the website refuses to let me. You see, I owe a payment this week and they can't let me buy out before I make the next month's payment (which will not count towards my debt). So I am privileged to pay an extra 41 dollars to wait a few days to buy my item to "prevent me from being overcharged" as the website states. Now they hope I will forget to buyout until it is too close to the next payment. . .

The worst part is the Sears rep talked me into this instead just a normal Sears purchase. Don't use "WhyNotLeaseIt." They will try any method possible to over charge you and keep the item themselves.

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