WhyNotLeaseIttires leased

J Oct 21, 2018

As I read these reviews I have to say-the same thing has happened to me. I was at sears in July 2018. I was told by rep I needed tires ASAP and he tells me about why not lease it. He explains that I pay on them biweekly and at the end their mine and I'm done. So sounds great. Well I'm paying and then I call to ask how much I owe cause I'm going to pay them off and the man explains I still owe 600$ but the total was only $717.91 (3months ago).I feel they purposely misinformed me to get my business and that this is a total scam. So it's no wonder sears filled bankruptcy and there are tons of complaints about why not lease it. You would think the company would get the hint that they are not handling this the right way when it comes to transparency and customer service. Wondering how many lawsuits they've been involved in over these same practices?

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