Whirlpool Corporationwhirlpool oven

H Jul 18, 2019 Review updated:

I have had 13 ovens yes 13 ovens replaced in the space of 2 years all had faults of not working the engine comes and tells me it needs replacing from ovens not working at all to handles keep breaking to self cleaning not working to 2 ovens not switching off when on now this one under 28 days old the oven will not do what you want it to do I'm fed up sick and tired I asked them to break away from them on my 10th oven they offered me silly money that I cant even buy an oven for yet they keep upgrading me the last enginer can on tue yet I've called them about 15 times to speak to a manager and no one has called me back it's now 4 days I dont have a ove to cook with and 2 kids in the house this is discussing I was once lefted without an oven for 3 weeks cause no one would contact me they think I'm mad all different enginers come so I dont pay them to say my.oven is broken clearly all ovens need a bin

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