WestJetemployees at yyc handling flight 226 to halifax; ticket agent and then furthermore the manager at that time

J Sep 01, 2018

I arrived about 1.5 hours before my flight and I am also travelling with a dog. I came in and could instantly see that there was issues. The line up for full guest service was excessive. When travelling with a dog I must go through this process of full guest service. While I was standing in line for over an hour I could hear everyone was extremely frustrated with what ever the issues were that was prolonging everyone checking in. When it was finally my turn to be checked in. The agent non chalantly told me that she had to look for the next fight to put me on. There was no 'hello how are you etc' so I began asking her elwhat was happening and not even kidding she laughed in a sarcastic tone and said ' I can't believe you actually thought you were going to make your flight' shocked by the delivery of what she was saying to me I replied 'because of the disorganization of you guys and what ever is happening your actually laughing at me cause you think it's funny I can't make my flight?' she then looked at me and smirked and told me to step to the side and a Manager would be over. my last words with her was me being very clear that laughing at me and talking to me the way she was was inappropriate.

Shortly after the manager came over; I explained the situation that had taken place and how the ticket Agent had been with myself. I explained that I had been waiting for well over an hour and again I'm not even kidding he looked at me and said ' no you weren't I timed it' (this is the manager) me and about 12 other guests had been there for well over an hour waiting in line and I saw saw each one of them struggling as well so clearly I was not alone.

The ticket Agent appeared again by the manager s side and I just let him know that she had not been very appropriate with my self and she then continued to shout over the frustrated crowd 'sorry about my smirk I'm just a happy person! Sorry you were so late for your flight!' I then looked at the Manager and told him that never had I ever been treated or handled the way that I was today by West Jet Employees. He then started to wind down a bit because he himself was clearly a bit mortified my his ticket agents behaviour.

All in all I get that the world's not perfect. If they would've just told me when I got to the check in booth that the morning wasn't going how they wanted to and that they were sorry for the inconvenience but they had to move me to another flight then I would've been disappointed but dealt with it. But to be treated the way I was by WestJet staff was just more then disappointing.

That's why I chose them, because the people are nice and sorry WestJet I'm even a credit card holder of yours but definitely reconsidering different options after this morning.

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