WestJet Airlinesflight delays and cancellations

D Aug 17, 2018

Today Aug. 17, 2018, I was scheduled on a 4PM flight to Montreal Trudeau that was cancelled. The re-booked flight was also cancelled. I'm now scheduled on a 10 PM flight that is delayed until 1:30 AM. So I could have rented a car and driven to Montreal in half the time I've been waiting to get on a plane. The reason for this is "weather". Despite the fact that there were no thunderstorms around Pearson, no heavy winds and no lightning, simply heavy rain. I have sat in the terminal watching other planes from other airlines take off the entire time. Air Canada flight #AC420 to Montreal was scheduled at 17:00 and departed on time. Air Canada flight # AC834 to Montreal scheduled at 18:00 also departed on time. How is it that West Jet cancelled several flights and delayed others for over 4 hours while Air Canada seems to continue to operate and serve it's customers with no or nominal delay? This is the second time I've been in this situation with your airline. Last winter was a similar situation and I ended up being put on an Air Canada flight that left while West Jet planes were grounded. I will not be flying West Jet again. I am an aerospace engineer for the Federal Government and fly frequently and I am very familiar with the civil aviation industry. I tried to be loyal to West Jet however I cannot abide by the clear incompetence exhibited by your operations department. I suspect that this policy makes the airline more money at the extreme inconvenience of it's customers. I will be spreading this story through social media and the Federal Public Service. It won't make a large dent in your bottom line but it will make an impact. I suggest two corrective actions. First, you need to do a better job of providing rationale as to why flights are cancelled or delayed. Second, you need to improve you operational and planning. Stranding hundreds of paying customers for "weather" while your competitors continue to fly and deliver adequate service is not a good business model.

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