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I've booked a flight fr Vancouver to San Francisco westjet 1774 for June 4, 2019 through hotwire for $143.17 each for 5 passengers totalling $715.85 with booking number [protected]. I booked this flight early thinking i got a cheaper rate than if i book closer to our departure date. When i recheck with hotwire right now, i am saddened to find out that the cost of my booked flight got cheaper. It is now only $122.47 each @ 5 passengers = $612.35 or $103.50 more. Can i use the difference to pay for our bags instead of a refund? I would greatly appreciate your response on this matter, thanks

flight costs got cheaper


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    TellMeAboutIt82 Mar 11, 2019

    You will not get any refund. You pay the price you pay at the time of the reservation and take your chances. If the price had gone up, would you pay the airline more?

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