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Westgate Resorts reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Aug 7, 2007. The latest review Reservation cancelled was posted on Nov 18, 2021. The latest complaint Supervisor drug use and related criminal record. was resolved on Mar 14, 2019. Westgate Resorts has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 164 reviews. Westgate Resorts has resolved 26 complaints.

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Westgate Resorts — timeshare contract/agreement representation

In April 2018 my wife and I visited a Westgate resort property after receiving a discounted rate offer online...

Westgate Resorts — timeshare

I am an owner of a timeshare at westgate vacation villas for over 25years and I have paid my mortgage in...

Westgate Resorts — booking/reservations

In an attempt to book a room for my husbands birthday one month in advance. I was told that those dates were...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Westgate Resorts — cancelation contract #[protected]-010 naroika m croes/ adelberto croes/parcel#[protected] of contract

prueba que ustedes recibiero mi carta de cancelacion resuelvanme este problema image.png E notificado de...

Westgate Resorts — I am complaining about the "90" min tours. offered by westgate.

We arrived at our 9:30am appointment, on time. They were OVER BOOKED. not my problem. We have been on thi...

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Westgate Resorts — not clean very unprofessional not worth the $

BEWARE::::::Me and my family stayed at Westgate vacation villas at 7700 Westgate Blvd Kissimmee, FL 34747 for...

Westgate Resorts — westgate membership

I was offered a discounted vacation if i would attend a couple of hours seminar at the resort. The couple of...


Westgate Resorts — scam/lies

my husband and I was stopped by a guy in Gatlingburg about your resort.he said that it was only to show u...

Westgate Resorts — customer service

I need someone to contact me, I have tried on 6/25/18 to log in on my account to be told that the dates I wa...


Westgate Resorts — the resort in general.

We've checked in June 15, 2018 to June 17, 2018 to celebrate Fathers Day weekend. When we made it to the...

Westgate Resorts — items taken from room, and no useful follow up from security staff

My wife and I, together with my parents, siblings, and spouses stayed in Orlando at the Westgate Resort from...

Westgate Resorts — timeshare

I was told I was buying a two bedroom loft and he seems to be that they just took him $12 000out of my...

Westgate Resorts — customer service

We have been owners for about 20 years and I recently booked a stay in Las Vegas for son. I was given the...

Westgate Resortscontract fraud

Good morning,

I attended your seminar on April 8th along with another family. I was informed they had a unit for a lower price and I was informed it would be for 2 weeks a year, I repeatedly asked to confirm this was for two weeks and they said yes. I explained my concern financially and was told I could rent the second week or trade in a week and pay $199 and take my second week somewhere other than my home resort. The representative's manager even drew up a diagram on the back of my floorplan showing I would have 2 weeks each year of 6 nights and 7 days either at my home resort or pay $199 to go elsewhere for 6 nights and 7days. After being swooned with all these wonderful perks and options to earn money and the option to rent my second week to use to pay my monthly mortgage payment I agreed and said I would be back. I had to leave to get my luggage from my hotel and start my long drive home and when I left the rep continually called and texted my cell phone. I went back to discuss more and they confirmed all of my worries that there would not be hidden fees, that I could have payments done for my down payment. I was on vacation with my 5 year old granddaughter after having a heart attack, so she was with me because I am raising her. It all seemed perfect. They took us to a place where they explained how I could earn extra money and then brought me in for the closing. I explained I was rushed and didn't have my insulin with me and was a diabetic and the closer had a heater on me in 90 degree weather that I asked be turned off. I was told the entire thing was being recorded so you can then replay and here my concerns and confirmation of having two weeks a year and that I could call after and arrange payments for the down payment if the initial set up would not work. As we were going thru and she was explaining everything she was leaning over me and hitting the button to add my signature. With my sugar dropping I felt very ill. I was confident that what I asked was given a truthful answer.

When I came home and had time to actually read everything I started finding all of the extra fees - lie #1, then I found papers hidden in a pocket you didn't even see until I felt something in the binder they gave me and was not informed it was there.

I called to speak with customer service who said my payments could be changed but not the amount-lie #2, which I decided this was not going to financially work for me. I called back again and was told not to worry you just don't understand how it works It will pay off you can rent your second week for $350 a night-lie #3. Then I kept getting disconnected during my call, I then emailed asking for help to cancel my contract, no response. I called again on 4/27 when I again was told I could rent my second week and I kept saying I didn't want to hear it I wanted out and was disconnected again. Then I called again on 5/6 and 5/14 and was told that I had no second week only one week - lie #4. I was told I could take any week I wanted as an owner, guaranteed except for special event weeks that would include a fee at any other resort, but my home resort could go anytime and then was told that was not true - lie #5.

I have attached the diagram and sheet I was given by the Manager. The other family there is willing to sign an affidavit confirming this was told to us and explained or be a witness if this should go further. You have every call recorded, as I am informed, than you can play back my discussions and see I was told inaccurate information. Furthermore, I screen shot the email sent to you on your website addressing all of these concerns. And sent a letter and it was blatantly ignored. As I requested, I want to be released of this contract, as the conditions agreed upon were not met by your company and is moot. At this point I don't even care about the initial $500 I paid to you, I was mislead and this contract should be voided and I want to put it behind me. I believe this is poor business practices you are conducting or you need to take a better look at your employees.

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    Westgate Resortscustomer service

    Front desk women tracy gave incorrect information which caused a big parking issue for us (trailer) while waiting on situation to be resolved (the only resolution was a refund which takes 3-5 days and leave resort or park across the resort form our room) we ran late to dinner plans with a group which caused us to miss the rodeo no compensation was offered at all! While at dinner one guests food didn't come until the meal was over then came incomplete women taking payment said well sorry that is between you and your server! I have stayed at a few westgate resorts in the orlando area and have never been this disappointed in a resort staff! Room was clean but literally had 2 towels only for a room that sleeps 4! The noise form upstairs at 7am was very annoying westgate river ranch

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      Westgate Resorts — inappropriate sales tactics

      Recently on a trip to Las Vegas, we were approached by a salesperson from Westgate offering free gifts for...

      Westgate Resorts — timeshare

      After purchasing a time share through them. We paid $500 down with an agreement to make a payoff payment on...

      Westgate Resortsservice

      Attention: Westgate Resorts
      7450 Sandlake Commons Blvd
      Orlando, Fl 32819

      I have never been treated so badly in my life. On or around 2.2.18, my friend and I were approached by a Westgage Resort employee. I was encouraged to take a 90 minute tour of the building. Reluctantly, I obliged. I met with Joe (who was wonderful). He gave me a tour of the Las Vegas Resort property and quickly peaked my interest, as I was enamored with the property. Once back in the sales room, we started to discuss prices. Unsure if I wanted to move forward, Joe called a "manager" by the name of Noah.

      Noah sat down at the table and he stated: "You guys are from Oakland? We're stealing your Raiders!"

      My friend replied: " Yeah, just like you guys are trying to steal our money."

      Noah became visibly upset. He then made a few snide remarks, wrote two numbers down on a piece of paper, threw the paper down onto the table and stated, "That's the best I can do" before walking away.

      Unclear on what the numbers meant, I asked Joe for clarification. Joe stated that he was unsure and called Noah back to come and explain.

      Noah returned visibly upset. I asked him if he was okay. STANDING, he then stated: "No, no-one has ever spoke to me so rude before in these four walls. I'm not trying to steal your money, if you don't want it or can't afford it, I'm not going to try and convince you." He then walked away, again.

      I was immediately humiliated and started to cry. Joe then asked Carlos (a different manager) to speak with me. I was very upset and felt that I should purchase the timeshare to prove that I could afford the time-share. So I did.

      I am very hurt by the way I was so poorly treated by Noah. Everyone else that I communicated with from Joe to Carlos and Chris were great. However, Noah has left a terrible taste in my mouth and I don't want to associates myself with a Business that employs staff such as Noah. I will never do business with Westgate again and I would like to cancel my purchase effective immediately.

      Even if Noah thought that my friend was "rude" to him, and he felt as though he was being personally attacked, as a Manager he should have remained professional. For that reason, I don't want to have anything to do with the Westgate in my entire life.

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        4 Responses
        • Ma
          Marvingardens Feb 07, 2018
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          Jasmine, the legal rescission period in Nevada is 5 days. That is 5 calendar days. There are instructions in your owner's packet which will direct you on how to send a rescission letter. And where to send it to. All parties to the timeshare must sign. Do not delay. Otherwise you will be locked in to a perpetual obligation to Westgate. And just so you know, Noah was probably playing mind games with you. And they worked...

          0 Votes
        • Sh
          Shaun R. Feb 06, 2018

          Appreciated reading the compliant. Let us know if you really get out of the contact.

          0 Votes
        • Mi
          Michael Harris Feb 06, 2018
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          @Shaun R. There should be a 7 day recision period they are supposed to have you initial that they explained that to you. At least in the state of Virginia its 7days. Could be 5 or 10 in nevada. I'd encourage calling their customer service and confirming that with a closing agent.

          0 Votes
        • Sh
          Shaun R. Feb 07, 2018

          @Michael Harris I'm not aware of what recision period, if any, applies. With that said, if the five days apply, did you fulfill the requirements within time?

          0 Votes

        Westgate Resorts — slip and fall/ wet floors

        I'm here with my son Qornelious Campbell who was in side the Westgate hotel building we had just got off the...

        Westgate Resortstimeshare and pressured to purchase and misled

        Hello, My name is Rosiny Deronette,
        Me and my family was mislead by Westgate Resorts in Orlando, FL to purchase a timeshare.
        In June, 2017, I was on vacation with my family and was misled by Westgate Resorts salesmen to buy a timeshare (Account number [protected]). At first, I was hesitant and refused however the salesmen harassed us to the point where we felt like we had to purchase the timeshare otherwise these guys would leave us at peace while we were on vacation. Upon signing of the timeshare, we were told that there was no blackout dates and that we could call 3 months in advanced to make any bookings including holidays. Just recently in August, I called 4 months in advance to book a family vacation in December however I was told, that I would need to pay an additional $800 to book it and that it wouldn't be my timeshare. When asked why, I was told by 3 different reps who refused to give me their employee identity that with my timeshare I must call 12 months in advance to book a vacation (even then I'm not guaranteed and would need to pay $408) since I don't have the holiday package. Holiday package?? I was never told that there was a separate package I needed to buy on top of my timeshare. The conversation the salesmen had with me made no reference to another package nor did they say I would have to pay extra for any vacations that I need to book in the future. I can understand paying taxes or Resorts fees however the fees that they have asked to charge for the days Inwant to book in December are for a different package and another resort. I spoke with several departments (Robert, Jennifer, and someone named Karen), they didn't care about my situation and kept referring to my timeshare being "basic" and that I needed to purchase a holiday package in order to book any holiday vacation. At one point, they transferred me to payments department to make over $1k for a timeshare that Inhave not used nor have had the opportunity to successfully plan a family vacation. I am a single dad with two little girls and these folks stole all of my money and asking to withdraw more out of my account while I have not even stated at the timeshare that I purchased. I want to cancel my timeshare given that I have not been able to use it and have paid hundreds of dollars and more being asked. I would like to ask Westgate Resorts to please cancel my timeshare, return the fees that they've taken out of my account, and please give the peace I need to care for my little girls. I can't afford to pay all the fees that Westgate Resorts are charging now and it appears that Incant even use the service when I want as promised. They are charging more that explained at time of purchase so therefore I cannot afford this timeshare and asking for refund and end of this account.
        Business Info

        Central Florida Investments, Inc.

        2801 Old Winter Garden Rd
        Ocoee, FL [protected]

        Rosiny Deronette

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