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Complaints & Reviews

bad service

Ignore the date my problem is ongoing.. Since 1999 I have offered wu as a payment option and now suddenly because I do offer wu I am labelled a thief... I highly resent that.. I have used wu numerous times and have email testimonials to my honesty and integrity.. Attention buyers! Are you listening? Not everyone are crooks.. If someone uses wu to pay me for an auction or outright sale.. That someone gets what he/she pays for!! I received a rather rude insulting email from a potential buyer of one of my auctions stating if I did not agree to accept paypal she would leave negative f/b on me even though my auction clearly states no paypal.. I refuse to accept paypal for the simple reason they stole $200 from me and they wont be getting anymore of my money!! I turned her email over to the auction site and she was removed as a buyer and seller.. Another buyer won an auction I was offering, but flat out refused all of my payment options which included wu, moneygram, money orders both us and postal, I will also accept checks there is a wait of 14 days for mos and checks, but that's a whole other story.. Anyway she refused to complete the sale, so I relisted my item and had another buyer within three days who paid via wu and received her win within 3 days.. Now the first potential buyer is upset because she can't find that item anywhere else and I don't have another one to sell her.. Like the old saying goes you snooze you lose!

My point is do not assume I am a thief because I accept a form of payment that's been around alot longer then paypal.. Not everyone is out to cheat you.. Least of all me.. I once gave a young girl her change from a $100 she thought she gave me a $10.. I actually left my register (After turning it off of course and taking the key with me) and chased her down to give her change to her.. Her mother came in and thanked me! So for those of you who refuse to put your trust in someone who has a sterling reputation among buyers then do without.. Others will reap the benefits.. And if you want to trust again visit http://bidsplash.com and look up babygirl auctions.. Or look up "lion" and find the stuffed lion auction I have up.. Or email me if you are looking for anything in particular.. I deal in clothing, cds, dvds, xena merchandise, haunted items, autographs... Among other things.. Just let me know what you are looking for!!

very bad service

Very bad service. Online money transfer is just an fraud activity to let your money used by Western union for 12 hours, without interest. They just take your money and keep with them for 12 hours. There are very rare successful cases with online money transfer using western union website. Today, I had to send money to India, my brother was in hospital and there was immediate money needed. I went to western union website and I tried to transfer $900 (all from my bank account). After submitting request I got message, I need to contact to customer care and they gave me one MTCN. I called to their customer care, the lady speaking was barely understanding what I was speaking. She took my identification information along with SSN.After talking with her for 30 mins, she told me they have denied the transaction. I asked the reason behind denial. She told me that they can not tell the reason, If I want to get the reason I would have to write to their review center. She suggested me to go to any western union agent and transfer the money.I was expecting money immediately back in my bank account, but there was nothing. Again I called to customer care, I got the reply saying it will take at least 12 hours. I had made transaction at 12:36 PM, and I got money back exactly at 12:36 AM. It means they have made the system which will use the customers money for 12 hours without reason. You would be knowing if they are getting millions of rupees for 12 hours, how much they will be making. Even I heard from others experience that if the currency rate is degrading then u will get refund without waiting for single minute. So, I came to the conclusion that Western union money transfer is nothing but a legal fraud center, which uses customers money for 12 hours, without giving any kind of service. Be aware of it. I've found Moneygram is better option than Western union, which gives higher exchange rates and better service.

  • Wu
    wuv2009101 Oct 01, 2009

    Without any valid ID, someone picked up our money within a few hours!!! USD9000!! Their system is the weakest, their service is the worst and their staff are not reliable. The UK police and financial crime department are involving in our case, but without any assistance from western union, the investigation cannot go any further. If you are the victim too, I hope we can unite. I really appreciate that someone can give us the victims any suggestion. please contact me [email protected]

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  • Ne
    Neilk Aug 16, 2017

    @wuv2009101 Hi it happened to me this weekend my friend sent me some money I went for it on the Saturday morning the bank told me the western union network was down so I went back on the Monday morning someone else pick up my money on the Sunday night we are still waiting from them

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  • Go
    gober10 Dec 10, 2010

    I used to work with Western Union in Quick Collects, Core, Convenience Pay, Gold Card, Prepay card services dept and more.And i would like to said only one thing, please dont do business with this company they dont care customer, I was a wittness with people losing theirhouses, cars, frauds, money, time, because western union faulty service, i was in their calling center at MEXICALI, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO THIS CALLING CENTER IS TELVISTA, JUST THINK DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT WE CAN SOLVE CUSTOMER PROBLEMS? so dont put your monry with this untrust company...Any question how western union works, let me know...Thanks

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  • Ne
    Neilk Aug 16, 2017

    I got rip off with western union my friend sent me some money from the UK to Ghana I went for it on the Saturday morning the bank told me the network was down so I went back on the Monday morning someone else picked up my money on the Sunday night my friend went back to the agent in the UK told her what gone on so the agent phone the western union the western union told the agent I get back in touch with you as soon as possible we are still waiting

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lying, stealing cheaters

Went to WesternUnion.ca to make a money transfer. Made the transfer, paid the exorbitant fee for the transfer. About an hour afterwards got an email from them stating the transaction had failed and would not go through. No big deal. But, I went to my online banking to get my credit card number to use and to my huge surprise there was a charge on my credit card from western union for the money transfer. They stated on their website that if you do not call in within 24 hours then the transaction would not be completed and you would not be charged. A LIE. They stated the transaction would not go through and I would not be charged as the transfer failed for whatever reason. A LIE. They told me to email them to see why the transaction failed. I did and when they emailed back they said they wouldn't divulge why the transfer failed. A LIE. I replied to that email stating the transfer failed and was never supposed to go through. They replied that Western Union does not charge the card but "authorizes it" A LIE. They said the charge would be refunded on my statement within a few days. A LIE. They stated that 9 days ago and I know for a fact that charges only take 1-2 days to reflect on my online banking statement.

So, bottom line: NEVER, EVER EVEN CONSIDER using Western Union! They are a bunch of lying thieves who should rot in hell!

  • So
    sophie281988 Sep 25, 2009

    omg i just had a even worth problem they wont give me my 3000$ what my mum sent me from germany i cant believe it !!! i hope the thruth comes out about those liaaaars

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email scams

Dear sir/madam: I have been receiving emails that my email address was choosen to be a winner of a lottery...

beware customer

A friend of mine transferred money using Western Union to her colleague but before she could collect her money somebody else collected the money on her behalf using some fake identity. Many fraudster do the scam using Western Union as it has a very weak system.

My suggestion to all would be to never use Western Union.

Here is one of the scam used by a fraudster using Western Union and even police refused to file anything against it.

The student girls namely, ABC and XYZ, were looking for rental accomodation in London and found an advertisement on gumtree along with contact details of the landlady.

This landlady described herself as Kristian Nels from Sweden and said she had suffered rent losses earlier as her previous tenants were unable to pay rent.

As a result, before she travels to London to show them her apartment, she wants to make sure that she is renting the property to the person who has got enough cash to pay atleast the initial month rent and are serious about renting the property.

Not only that, she also sent them a soft copy of lease agreement, apartment pics and description of each item present in the flat.

She suggested that they transfer money using Western Union between themselves and send her a scanned copy of the receipt as a proof of cash transfer.

The girls being new to the city London and being young and innocent transferred 1200 Sterlings.

The transaction details are as below:

Transaction ID : [protected]

Transferrer : ABC

Receiver : XYZ

They sent a scanned copy of the receipt to the landlady but before XYZ could collect the money transferred by ABC, this lady (Kristian Nels) went with some fraud identity posing as XYZ and got the money.

The biggest thing to question in this case is how diligently the identity check is done by Western Union before handing over the money to receiver and are there any cameras installed using which you can atleast track the person's face who collected the money using a pin and identity.

The money was collected from Western Union Today (17-August-2008) at 12:30 pm.

Here are some further details about the fraudster:

Email ID Used : kristiannels AT yahoo.com

Phone Number : +[protected]

Gum Tree ad : ad #[protected]: 3 bedroom Maida Vale

  • Ca
    Caro Sep 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    One person tried to fraud me . He tells me that he wanted to buy my fridg, send me a fake check about 3 times the price of my fridg, asked me to take my money and send the balance with western union.

    So the person write me his name and address : Yeah a fake one too, the address was a public phone.

    Same question : Is Werstern Union really check the identity of people who claim money.

    I wrote to western union : They told me that they are not responsible of all money lost ...

    For information : this person 's fakes names are : William Barnett, Morgan Steve, David Kevin, Moris Johnson .

    Do not USE Western Union!

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  • Lu
    lukas Oct 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    beware of [email protected] whos tryin to rent her studio on cannon street this is procedure which she sent me today :) :
    Thanks for getting back to me.Am sorry if this might inconvenience you..i have stop using
    bank statement/payslip to verify tenant alot of bad experienced and problems in confirming if they are capable of renting our Apartment. I got all your expressions but all i need from you is just a proof that you have cash at hand to pay me because i have met with time wasters these few days and a colleague of mine advised that how am i going to be sure that i wouldn't be wasting my time this time around coming down to show you the
    apartment and she suggests we can workout something with "Western Union".

    So before i can come down to london, i will be glad if you can transfer the Security
    Deposit £500 with the Frist week payment in any of your friend's name as the sender to your name as the receiver in London. I would like you to take the following procedures:

    1) Visit the nearest WESTERN UNION AGENT LOCATION in your area and get the transfer
    form i.e you will see section of senders name & receivers name e.g (Senders name = (*Next Of Kin*, friend, dad or Mum) to yourself (Receivers name=Your name).

    2) So as soon as you are done with the transaction, i will like you to scan & send a copy of the Western Union transaction receipt(if you dont have a scanner you can type it and send it to my email) as an evidence so that i can confirm that you actually made the transaction and must verify if actually the transaction was made. After verification, i will email you or call you to go and pick up your Funds Back. Then i will want you to give me the best time and date you want me to arrive in London. I hope you know that i will be refunding you the WU charges cost

    I will then take you to the Apartment for proper viewing, if you are interested in it then we
    definitely sign the rental agreement/contract form. If you dont like the Apartment, i will pay
    you back the western union charges if at all you view the apartment and no more interested in taking it anymore.

    Then i will give you date and time i will arrive London.If after the viewing, you love the
    apartment, then we definitely sign the rental & agreement form.

    N.B kindly call me back to know you are okay with the policy to know maybe i should
    reserved the apartment for you. here is my mobile number 07031999640 or 07023090758, You are not to transferring the money to me.Transfer the money to your next of kin or your friend or get your friend to transfer it to you.

    With Kind Regards

    no comment :(

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theft of my money

I was victim of an online scam using Western Union in June this year. I was trying to rent a flat and the landlord asked me to send the monday to a friend using Western Union. I did, then send a picture of it to the landlord, who took my money. Western Union refuses to take any responsibility. The police says is WU´s responsibility to contact them and they cant help me. The Citizen Advice Bureau just told me I had to keep on sending letters to them and make a formal complaint procedure.

I have done all of this. " months later, I still don't have any news about my money. Has any of you been in a similar situation??? What did you do??? What else can I do??? I don't understand how can they refuse any responsibility in this when:

- I told the lady at the office why I was doing that with my money and she didn't say anything.
- It doesn't say anywhere that you should keep your number or receipt in secret
- They accept a fake id to give my money away.

  • Sa
    safetyman Feb 02, 2009

    I work at a retailer which offers Western Union service, and I will tell you what I told the gentleman who sent $800 to Nigeria for a puppy, Western Union is not the police. It is up to the consumer to realize there is inherent risks associated with wiring money. The front of a WU "send money" form outlines common rules to follow to avoid being a victim, and one rule is "only wire money to someone you know."

    You clearly did not take the time to read this, or if you did, you did not follow this. So you can not hold Western Union accountable for your mistake.

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  • Ri
    Rizwan Jun 04, 2009

    My Dear All,

    i want to be share something, I have One net Freind, u can say we was chating last 3 months on the yahoo, she live in Malaysia, me and her everthing should be share for personal metters, i will tell you in shortcut, last time i was in trouble she told me i will help u, i say ok Thanks, she is asking to me whats Problem u have, i will help you any type, i tell her i need some money but i dont want to take from you, becoz its my personal metter, so i dont want to disturb you, she told me it mean i am not ur friend, well i tell her ok u will. she said ok tell me how much Amount u have required, i told her maximum 1, 12000 Ringgit, she said plz tell me your Information i will send it to you this Amount Through Western Union, well i give her all my personals detail, well sha said i will Transfer this Amount after one week, i said ok, well she is not come online to last 3 weeks, lots of time i have contact her but i dont where is she, well after 3 weeks come onlin and told me Sorry i was bussy, and i am very disapointed i could not Trasnfer the Amount you, well she is saying i have discuss about my family but they are saying why u r help this person, she said for human being, well they family told her ok if u want to Transfer the Amount him, then you have any Trust on him if u have then told him he will send it you some Amount, well she told me my family said you will send it me some amount Maximum 5000 Ringgit after i will help you, well i have Transfer the Amount her maximum 1300 Ringgit through Western Union, when she will recevied the amount, shes said ok now i will send it to you Amount through Western Union, after one day i got the messge from her on this date 04-06-2009, she said Sorry the Western Union peoples said your name is Incorrect Sorry we cant Transfer the Amount you, becoz ur name is invalid, i said hows possible, and how said Western Union my name is Incorrect, i am shoked, becoz she is the Big Cheater, that is the Fraud, and she said Sorry i cant Transfer the Amount you, becoz ur name is invalid, really i am shoked when she told me i am the stupid person and third class person, and after she said Sorry i cant receive any Payment from me, becoz she is telling a lie, i am very Disapointed today, why peoples do like this, why why, such bad,

    well my dearl all,

    i want to share thats why plz dont Trust like this person and on the Internet, becoz that is the net fraud, well have good day, Tc,


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  • Je
    Jenijacklyn Jul 28, 2011


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online fraud


Recently I had transferred some money to my parents in india by western union online money transfer on 6th of dec. On 8th of dec, I recieved one mail from western union saying that the money was picked up, though my parents never picked up the money.

I tried calling up the customer care but in vain as they had no idea of what is going on. They gave me an email id (Uk. Customer at westernunion.co. Uk) to which I mailed my complaint. But I have not recieved any response from them also till date.

I dont know how to get my money back.

All I can say is that dont trust the western union money transfer. Chances are your money will never reach the intended destination.

  • Ti
    Tian Ho Ng Oct 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sirs, Between year 2004 to 2008, I have send money to my home country. I would like to trace out how many time I have been sending money back to Malaysia and total how much. I try to search the payment receipt from the transfree but to no avail. Could your bank officer help me by posting the information into my email. Your action is very much appreciated.

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  • Dv
    Dvmp Apr 17, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a money order that was made out to Best Buy Credit along with my address and signature. My money order was able to deposit into an account in TD Bank. Despite all of my actions that I was asked to do to prove this tranaction was fradulent I have not recieve any money back, this has been going on since July 2016. I have called Western Union customer service over 30 times and have been greeted by rude agents. I have been denied to speak to an supervisor, even put on hold over 30 minutes when I said "I will hold for a supervisor". As of today 4/17/17 I have been waiting for a return call from a supervisor...it been a week. I realize that Western Union does not fight for their customers, even when you clearly proved it was "fraud". The customer service representatives show no compassion towards the customer and really dont care less...it is not there money! They know that you have know way to deal with them face to face. I am truely appaulled that company this big will have such a disregard for their customers. I will continue to fight for my money, even if it means involving a lawyer or media. I am a cusomer has rights and work too hard for our money for my money. Remember I had to reput out the money to Best Buy, while I wait for a big corporation (Western Union) with incompetent agents retrieve my money.

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Respected sir/madam, At first I must apologize, I just wanted to report my predicament and my extreme...

fake email

I got a mail from westren union. Is its ture or fake. Here is copy of mail Dear sir/madam, There is an...


I just had a bad experience with Western Union. I was on their slow not designed for dial-up website and created an account. I tried to transfer money 3 times and it kept hanging, I had no confirmation on the web site and no e-mail confirmation, so I gave up on the web site and called the poorly designed 'automated' phone system that was written by some programmer that does not understand the flow of how anything works, I finally got thru to a live person and had to give the same information to her that I just entered on my phone.

She said the transfer went through. Okay everything should be good now. Nope... I double check my bank account and it has two charges one for the internet transfer which I never got a confirmation on and also the transfer I placed on the phone. I will never use Western Union again if I can help it. I called up Western Union again and said my bank was charged twice, she said only one charge, the phone transfer showed up on here end, I will have to wait until Monday to see if the other website charge is gone. Western Union charges high service fees for something that should take a few minutes but takes 3 hours. I am going to use another service or directly transfer through my bank $3 for a $500 transfer verses Western Union which is $49.

making collection of money impossible

Recently, four persons sent a total amount of 8, 500 pounds inclusive of the transfer fee to Mr Lawrence Robert Powell who is one of my CEO´s with my company which is Capital Investment Project Management Ltd in London. There were 4 transactions sent by the following people from a Western Union agent in 16 Albany Parade, Brentford, Middlesex. Since then all but one of the transactions has been successfully collected by Mr Lawrence Powell. The details of the individual transactions are as follows:

Mr Martin Smith MCN [protected] paid.
Mr Sam Severa MCN [protected] paid.
Mr Jeffery James Dean MCN [protected] paid.
Mr Harold Barnard MCN [protected] blocked by Western Union in England due to complications caused by Western Union in Madrid, Spain.

I flew in the day after sending the money to Mr Lawrence Robert Powell who happens to be my company CEO and have wasted much valuable time, effort and money trying to resolve the final transaction. I am Mr Jeffery James Dean, Director of Capital Investment Project Management Ltd in London and am shocked, bewildered and flabbergasted by the way the whole situation has been handled by Western Union who spoke to Mr Harold Barnard, a retired 89 year old Management Consultant, as though he were a criminal or terrorist. He has been so traumatized and distressed by the experience that when I spoke to him on the telephone he said he was feeling suicidal. I am utterly outraged that this treatment of Mr Barnard by Western Union in London was the result of his inquiry as to why the final transaction had not been successful. I am and have been a loyal member of Western Union and have done thousands of transactions through Western Union for over a decade. This may be verified by records and my loyalty card at Western Union. The number of my card is: [protected]. In view of what I have said above, I expect a written apology for the atrocious treatment of Mr Harold Barnard by Western Union staff in London. This fiasco has all been caused by the staff of Western Union in Spain who have been at best unhelpful and at worst highly offensive for reasons which I cannot fathom as they are supposed to be conducting business for Western Union in a professional manner.

As I am here on business, my ID can be seen by Western Union in Spain and I ask you to unblock and release the final transaction immediately so that I may continue with my business affairs unhindered. For your records, my British passport number is: [protected]. Can I also point out that Western Union´s website states the business is conducted in a speedy and efficient manner which is why I chose this service for the transactions and it also clearly says that there is no limit to the amount of cash that can be transferred. Experience has taught me that this information is incorrect and I suggest that you update your misleading website to prevent your publicity image from being any further damaged.

Being on business in Spain, my Tmobile mobile ([protected]) doesn't work and have an alternative spanish mobile number which I can be reached on. This number is: [protected]. Please can you contact me on receipt of this message.
Thanking you in advance.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr Jeffery James Dean.

  • Mo
    mostafa yazdi Jun 16, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Requirement advertisement:
    Necessity to tax information collector for paying government tax through western union money qualified:
    Receiver's name: collector hadjia habiba ramoni
    Destination: Burkina faso

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  • Jp
    j.pedrac Jan 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    By the perfect spelling and thorough explanation That I can read here you seem to be a very respectable person.
    But not: You are a fraudster.
    Let me explain: Western Union cannot be used for business. It is only used to send money to people you know without any economic interest. Otherwise you'd be making a Money Laundering Crime in which Tax and Police Authorities shall be very interested.
    Just to add that those transactions you are mentioning were reported as "Advanced Fee Fraud "Scams in Spain. Maybe, that's why your "business" failed.
    I assume you have a Stone-face when you are posting a letter of complaint about this affair. Maybe it served your purposes on that day..otherwise you would have taken the money and run away. Instead of that you post a complaint, unbeliveable but true.
    From my particular experience on this case, I can say: You are a Con artist.
    I wish I had seen this complaint back in 2008.

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money fraud

Dear Sir/Madam, After looking so long online for a Western Union Complaint office or contacts to someone who...

canceled transcation, but money on hold

My complaint stems from a transaction that was made online on Wednesday April 23rd, wiring money overseas (China). Firstly the transaction amount was for $2, 568, which come to find out is above the limit. And I had to change the amount to $1, 800. Secondly the transaction was made from using my fiancé’s credit card/debit card, after making the transaction, I was asked to call for verification, in which I did, but I was informed that the card holder had to make the call, he did… but was informed that this transaction could not take place because he was not the primary holder of a Western Union account, and the transaction would be cancelled.
I received an email stating that the transcation was cancelled so, I thought the money was still in the account, when I checked the account 3 days later, the money was not there, and I called the bank who informed me that western union still has the money on hold.we proceeded to call Western Union and was informed that our bank (Capital One) was the one holding the money, Western Union also informed us that Capital One is a bank that does not allow them to call or send faxes to release the money. We quickly found out that was not true, by calling back the bank and them giving us the fax number that Western Union needs to use and could have used to release the money. We called Western Union back and informed them of this fax number and asked that a fax be sent to Capital One, in which they blatantly refused to do.
There was no need for them to take the money, especially if after they were not able to send the money, it should have been released immediately or the next day... bottom line, consumers should know that the money is placed in a HOLD state for xxx amount of days.

  • Mi
    miserable by Western Union Feb 07, 2009

    Western Union - Lying, stealing cheaters

    On Friday 30th of January 2009 I have sent money through Cargil Agent in Southall, but the receiver has not received the money, since then I try contacting them (calling over the phone for number of hours, going to the agents for many, many times) but there is no success.
    First they say the person that receive the money should sign, which always he does, the next time they said that he should take the identification which he does, but when he goes to the agent in Islamabad they say I should show my identity card here which I did!!!
    But there is no solution to the problem, now they say my father name is in the black list?????????????? he is 80 years old and in need of respect and help, but with my astonishment the Western Union is just another greedy and fraudulent organisation, just not only for the profit but to make peoples life miserable.

    Could anyone help please, because I am going round the circle, the customer service is also impolite and incompetence, they do not know what to say!!!
    When I ask for the solution no one knows what to do!!!

    Please, Please do not send money through Western Union, they are incompetent bunch of rude, impolite and greedy people that do not care for the decency, humanity of respect of their customers.

    It is about 9 day now but no answer, and every time the reason for blocking the money changes.
    Any ideas please, my father need to pay his rent and desperate for the money, but there is no one to listen?

    Western Union, Is there any human being in that office specially in the head office at all, do you have any respect for decency at all and do you believe in God, or everything is the MONEY?

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online fraud by western union money transfer

Recently i had transferred some money to my parents in India by Western Union Online Money Transfer on 6th of Dec. On 8th of Dec, I received one mail from Western Union saying that the money was picked up, though my parents never picked up the money.

I tried calling up the customer care but in vain as they had no idea of what is going on. They gave me an email id (uk.customer AT westernunion.co.uk) to which i mailed my complaint. But I have not received any response from them also till date.

I dont know how to get my money back.

All i can say is that dont trust the Western Union money transfer. Chances are your money will never reach the intended destination.

  • Bh
    bhakti Jul 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Its really very bad to cheat by someone especially in case of money..but i hope you will find some ways to get your money back. thank god my brother is using remit2india online transfer to send money here, we are regularly getting transactions and quick delivery. he is also getting good exchange rates and we are much satisfied with it. I think you should also try remit2india after all its your hard earned money.

    Good luck

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  • Ap
    AprilOcala Jun 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The same thing just happened to me. I sent money via western union from florida to cairo egypt. They closed their doors and will not allow anyone to pick up their money - I tried to get a refund and they tell me that the money was picked up on the 3rd of June - They werent even open.. The intended receivers did not receive the money and I am lost for answers. I called hte fraud line - they told me that they will open an investigation and in 20 days I may or may not get my money back - but since the system says the money was picked up - they are saying I am a liar.

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transfer of money from uk to iraq

Money was transferred from Cramlington, Northumberland Estate Agents to Iraq. The lady at the Estate Agents in Cramlington confirmed that the transfer has gone ahead and the lady in Iraq could pick her money with the ID Code. When she got there she was told by the guy in Iraq that there is no money and no ID. Please resond to me ASAP as the lady in Iraq needs the money for an operation.

  • Je
    jewel warrior Nov 07, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    had my house sold in south America and had my mom transfer the money via western union, went to pick up the funds to buy a house here, after they send me to several agents in different towns I was finally told that the funds were suspicious because they came from a questionable country in south America.

    Now they wont let my mom retrieve the funds nor let me collect the money here in the states.

    Western union has my money, investing it and won't give me my money. Can anyone help? Put a complaint with BBB in my state home.

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  • Es
    Esther Oct 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I would like to know whether this is true? Please read the following:

    Attn Dear Winner:

    Your winning Price of Eight hundred and fifty thuosand usd.($850, 000USD) has been forwarded to Western Union for immediate transfer to you.
    Your payment will be sent to you by western Union, the amount you will receive per day is $3, 000.00 (Three thousand Dollars) you are going send One Hundred & Fifty Five United States Dollars for your sending Charge Again, don't be deceived by anybody to pay any other money except $155.00 US Dollars.The Minister Trust Funds of Benin Republic will send you the currently standards track details you need to pick up your ($3, 000) payment by western union, you will receive every day till you receive the $850, 000 United State Dollars, now no need to send you this atm card because you can not be able to withdraw with the atm card due to the atm master card contain large money on it and is not activated too and many people have received their fund through this western union which is safer and reliable with less cost.

    The Director administrator trust funds have already signed your payment, now you are free to comply with wemaco payment office on this email:([email protected]) however, kindly contact the below person who is in position to release your payment by Western Union per $3, 000 a day.

    Mr.thomas brown, Western Union Department Oceanic Bank Benin, Mobile:+229 98780915 E-mail:([email protected]) The Western Union Payment Center has been mandated to issue out your payment and you have to stop any further communication with any other person(s) or office(s) to avoid any hitches in receiving your payment.

    Comply now because as soon as you sent this required details to Mr.thomas brown, he will start sending your payment by Western Union.And do let me know immediately you get your money for us to share the joy together.

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  • Jw
    jwoelfer Jan 23, 2009

    Is this another SCAM !

    From: Ade Johnson <[email protected]> [Add to Address Book]
    To: [email protected]
    Date: Jan 23, 2009 5:39 AM
    ¡Tengo nueva dirección de correo electrónico!

    Ahora podés escribirme a: [email protected]

    - Attention:, We have now organized to pay ($ 850.000, 00) Eight hundred thousand U.S. dollars in atm card to receive payment through Western Union money transfer payment: The payment will be sent to you by Western Unionpayment center here in benin republic, the amount you will being receive $5, 000 per day, The minister of Finance of Benin Republic will send you the details how rules you need to pick up this ($ 5, 000) payment through Western Union, you will receive every day until you get the ($ 850.000, 00) U.S. dollars, now it is not necessary to send this ATM card because you did not respound in time. The director administrtor for finance have already signed your payment, you are now free to meet the Oceanic payment Bank in this email: ([email protected]) However, contact the person who is incharge to liberate the payment through Western Union for $ 5, 000 a day. Mr Ignatus Eziamaka, Western Union Department Oceanic Bank Benin, Phone +229-930-175-04 E-mail: ([email protected]) The Oceanic payment western union Center has been mandated to issue your payment and you have to stop any further communication with any other person (s) or office (s) to avoid any hitches in receiving payment. Note that the administrator of this payment need this data to process your payment: Receiver name ...Address ...Country ...Tel ...Test question ..Answer ... Noted as soon as you send the necessary details to Mr Ignatus Eziamaka he will start sending your payment through Western Union, He can be reach at +229 930 175 04 so call him immediately you send him mail.Thank you and have a good day. Barrister John Ade.

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  • Ij
    ijnav Jul 15, 2009

    vanji philippines

    i have also received the same email as follows;

    Attn: My Dear

    We have arranged your payment of ($1.5Million) One Million five hundred thousand united state dollars Previously in ATM payment card to be sent to you through western union money transferpayment:

    Your payment will be sent to you via western union. The amount you will receive per day is $10, 000.00 The minister trust funds and IMF boards of Benin Republic will send you the current standard track details you will need to pick up your ($10, 000.00) payment by western union, you will receive every day till you receive the $1.5Million united state dollars, now no need to send you this ATM card because you can not be able to withdraw the ATM card due to the atm master card contain large money on it.The director administrtor trust funds has already signed your payment, however, kindly contact the below person who is in position to release your payment by western union per $10, 000.00 a day.

    Phone Number: +2348026398965, western union department
    E-mail:( [email protected] ) western union payment center has been mandated to issue out your payment and you have to stop any further communication with any other person(s) or office(s) to avoid any hitchesin receiving your payment.

    Note that the administrator payment need this details from you to process your payment and the only money you will pay is the processing and administration fee which is only $185 usd before you will start receiving your fund.

    Receiver name--------------- Country--------------------- City------------------------Tel-------------------------Test question--------------- Answer----------------------Comply

    now because as soon as you send this required details to MR THOMAS BROWN he will start sending your payment by western union.



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  • Ch
    charegs iloilo Feb 08, 2010

    Attn: My Dear transferpayment:

    Your payment will be sent to you via western union. The amount you will receive per day is $7, 000 The minister trust funds and IMF boards of Benin Republic will send you the current standard track details you will need to pick up your ($7, 000) payment by western union, you will receive every day till you receive the $1.5Million united state dollars, now no need to send you this ATM card because you can not be able to withdraw the ATM card due to the atm master card contain large money on it.The director administrtor trust funds has already signed your payment, now you are free to comply with wemaco payment office on thi email:([email protected]) however, kindly contact the below person who is in position to release your payment by western union per $7, 000 a day.

    We have arranged your payment of ($1.5Million) One Million five hundred thousand united state dollars Previously in ATM payment card to be sent to you through western union money
    Also note that the money was send to our office by our presidnet is excellence Mr Malam Nuhu Yar" adua he told us that is using this opportunity to compensate those people that have been scam buy our useless citizen nigeria and he said we should tell you that he is doing is best to stop this scammoing that is going on in his country nigeria, So that is the main reason why he use this opportunity to copnensate he or she that have been involve in one way or ther other been scam.

    MRS BISI CARSON, western union department
    Telphone:( +234 708-6018-606}
    E-mail:([email protected])
    The financial western union payment center has been mandated to issue out your payment and you have to stop any further communication with any other person(s) or office(s) to avoid any hitchesin receiving your payment.

    Note that the administrator payment need this details from you to process your payment and the only money you will pay is the processing and administration fee which is only $285 usd before you will start receiving your fund.

    Receiver name--------------- Country--------------------- City------------------------Tel-------------------------Test question--------------- Answer----------------------Comply

    now because as soon as you send this required details to MRS BISI CARSON she will start sending your payment by western union.



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poor service!

I sent two (2-)$500.00 five hundred dollar money to my daughter, she never received them. I called to stop...

americans with disabilities act

My complaint is against Western Union. I went to their agents store to send a money wire and due to my disability, could not climb the stairs. The store was out of compliance with the ADA because it provided no other means, preventing me to complete my intended chore. I personally filed a suit and the store has made changes and settled the matter, but Western Union refuses to make sure their Agents are in compliance with the ADA. The details are below:


Defendants own, operate, franchise, contract with or lease the FACILITY which is a public accommodation consisting of a convenience store on the ground floor of the 211 N. Ervay Building in Dallas. This case arises out of Defendant’s failure to provide the minimum legally required access to this public accommodation for persons with disabilities. The inaccessibility of the FACILITY to persons with disabilities is illegal, degrading and humiliating and further, many of the omissions of the Defendants were readily achievable and were otherwise required by both Federal and Texas laws and would greatly assist disabled persons at little expense to Defendants. Specifically, the most serious violation is that the physical layout of the FACILITY has two entrances, one of which is accessible to those with disabilities, and the other has steps leading up to the store. Unfortunately, NAINA and MART have chosen to lock and place merchandise in front of the door which is ADA compliant, thus requiring all customers to traverse up the stairs including those using wheelchairs, walkers, canes and crutches.

At all times pertinent herein, Plaintiff was a handicapped person with disabilities “substantially limiting a major life activity” within the meaning of the ADA and Chapter 121. Plaintiff visited the FACILITY in September, 2006 for the purpose of sending a Western Union wire transfer to a friend in California. Plaintiff found many violations of handicapped access standards throughout the FACILITY, as set forth hereinafter and he was unable to fully use it due to his disabilities. Plaintiff sustained injury in his attendance at the FACILITY which resulted in Plaintiff being degraded and humiliated in public. Plaintiff also brings this suit as a “private attorney general” enforcing the ADA in the spirit of Walker v. Carnival Cruise Lines [protected] F.Supp.2d 1135, 1143.

Defendants NAINA; MART and UNION were advised of the non-compliance of the FACILITY and of the exact regulation violations. They were afforded an opportunity to informally resolve this matter without the need for litigation. However, Defendants NAINA and MART have failed to indicate any interest in informal resolution and this suit follows. Defendant UNION initially indicated an interest in settling the matter and had a Dallas field agent visit the FACILITY, where according to their representative, they took photographs verifying their failure to comply with the ADA but declined to either sever their relationship with NAINA and MART or to implement changes whereby callers would be provided access to a list of agents whose facilities are in compliance and accessible to the disabled. Further, the representative threatened Plaintiff with a suit to recover costs of defending a “frivolous” suit, citing cases relating to franchisee/franchisor relationships, rather than principle and agent relationships which have held under the ADA is being applicable to the principle and their agents. Walker v. Carnival Cruise Lines (1999) 63 F.Supp.2d 1083. On October 21, 2006, Plaintiff re-inspected the FACILITY to determine if his correspondence had caused any improvement and found absolutely no changes. The following ADAAG and TAS violations are present at the FACILITY:

· There are physical impediments to access of the shopping area in the form of stairs and the handrail on the downward side of the stairs is also blocked by a video game machine on the lower landing. (ADAAG 4.9.4);

· The ATM machine does not have sufficient clear floor space as required (ADAAD 4.34.1); There are video game machines; merchandise and merchandise awaiting shelving, protruding into the aisles which decreases the passage space to below the required width (ADAAG 7.2 and 4.2.1);

· The door handle to the FACILITY requires a hard hand grasp in violation of the ADA (ADAAG 4.13.5 and 4.13.9); and the service and payment counter in the FACILITY is too high (ADAAG 7.2 and 7.4);

· The pay telephone located outside in front of the FACILITY is not hearing aid compliant (ADAAG 4.31.5); and the handset cord is not of sufficient length (ADAAG 4.31.8).



Plaintiff incorporates by this reference all allegations contained in paragraphs 1 through 11, inclusive.

The Americans with Disabilities Act, passed in 1990, established as law the nation’s interest in eradicating the bigotry and barriers faced by individuals with disabilities. 42 U.S.C. § 12101, et seq. The ADA states its first goal as being to “provide a clear and comprehensive national mandate for the elimination of discrimination against individuals with disabilities.” 42 U.S.C. § 12101(b)(1) (1999).

Congress found that historically, society tended to isolate and segregate individuals with disabilities and despite some improvements, such forms of discrimination against individuals with disabilities continues to be a serious and pervasive social problem. See 42 U.S.C. § 12101(a)(2).

Plaintiff brings this suit seeking to vindicate a “policy of highest priority” and is a handicapped individual who suffers from glaucoma, severe degenerative bone, disc and foraminal changes to his lower lumbar spine, zygapopyseal sclerosis, and insulin-dependent diabetes with consequential neurological damage to his legs and feet.

Defendants NAINA and MART have failed to modify policies and procedures at the FACILITY to ensure equal access for persons with disabilities and such acts and omissions constitute an ongoing and continuous violation of the ADA and Plaintiff’s rights as secured thereunder. Said conduct, unless enjoined, will continue to inflict injuries for which Plaintiff and others with disabilities have no adequate remedy at law. Defendants DATA and UNION did not and continue to fail in requiring the facilities of their Agents to comply with state and federal disabilty statutes, including the ADA.

Consequently, Plaintiff is entitled to injunctive relief pursuant to Section 308 of the ADA, along with reasonable costs and disbursements.


Plaintiff incorporates by this reference all allegations contained in paragraphs 1 through 16, inclusive.

Pursuant to legislative mandate, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation adopted TAS (Texas Accessibility Standards) to be the minimum standards for compliance. Modeled after the ADAAG, the goal of TAS is to encapsulate the requirements of public facilities which are necessary for them to meet state standards for accessibility. Defendant’s violation of the ADAAG as alleged above, also constitute violations of the corresponding sections of the Texas Accessibility Standards.

By committing the TAS violations alleged herein, Defendants have violated Chapter 121 and also the rights of Plaintiff. Chapter 121 establishes that it is the “policy of the state to encourage and enable persons with disabilities to participate fully in the social and economic life of the state to achieve maximum personal independence... and to otherwise fully enjoy and use all public facilities available within the state”. Id. § 121.001.

Section 121 provides for a penalty of a minimum of $100 to an aggrieved party for each violation of the aforementioned guidelines for which defendants are liable to Plaintiff.


Plaintiff incorporates by this reference all allegations contained in paragraphs 1 through 20, inclusive.

Defendants NAINA and MART had and continue to have a duty to exercise ordinary care in operating the FACILITY and have failed and continue to fail to use such ordinary care. Defendants DATA and UNION had and continue to have a duty to require that their authorized agents comply with both state and federal disability statutes, including the ADA or minimally, to provide information to the public on which agents have such facilities.

As an actual and proximate result of Defendant’s failure to use ordinary care, Plaintiff was subjected to a degrading and humiliating experience attempting to use the FACILITY and has suffered emotional distress and damages in an amount of $25,000.

At all times relevant hereto, there was in effect both the Americans with Disabilities Act and Texas Chapter 121, all of which require that public accommodations and facilities such as the FACILITY provide services to people with disabilities which are equal to the services which are provided to patrons who are not physically disabled.

Defendant’s acts and omissions as alleged herein are in violation of statutory requirements, including but not limited to the ADA and Chapter 121, which are designed to protect persons with disabilities from the type of harm and discrimination as was inflicted upon Plaintiff when he suffered emotional pain and suffering while attempting to use the FACILITY.

Each of Defendants conduct thus constitutes negligence and negligence per se under the rationale of Smith v. Walmart (6th Cir., 1999) 167 F.3d 286.

western union online transactions - stay far away!

I tried to send $2000 to pay for a vehicle through western union. I tried there money in minutes online and it would not go through for an unforeseen reason. Well problem is they took my $2000. So for the last 4 days my money has been tied up, and I cannot use it. Stay far away.

  • Ma
    marty11 Sep 12, 2009

    for all those who use western union online, check your credit report with experian for a soft inquire from W.U.
    if you check the optional out box of the privacy,
    they should't request your personal information,

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  • Ap
    AprilOcala Jun 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The moment they receive your credit card number they take your money - They take your money before they even know if they can or not. And in most cases they come up with some off the wall reason why you werent allowed to send the money or tell you they will send you an email that you never get with the answers.

    the moment that card is ran, the money is taken out. They put a hold on your account and will not release the funds for 7-14 days. Even though they made the mistake and should have checked all of the personal information before giving out the fake MTCN number and taking your money.

    Your 2 grand is now being spent on Western unions bills and you will be paid back when they are good and ready to pay it back - if in fact you get the money back at all.

    I am sorry this happened to you.. Use PayPal for everything. That's what I perfer

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  • He
    Hesham Attia Jul 19, 2010

    Hesham Elsayed Mohamed Attia

    3 Ebn Elbarzy Street, El Ebrahimia,

    Alexandria, Egypt


    [email protected]

    July 16, 2010

    Western Union

    Smoha, Alexandria, Egypt Branch

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Regarding: Customer Service Complaint

    I have been a satisfied customer with Western Union numerous times over the years. On my most recent visit, July 13, 2010, I received extremely poor service that I felt should be brought to your attention. Please allow me to provide specific details, so that you can prevent this unfortunate approach to customer service from continuing in your store and resolve this problem.

    Before I begin my story, I would like to inform you that the employees in this branch were not wearing nametags. I have attached my paperwork with the transaction number for you to review for further information.

    I was in the store to receive a money order from a family member in France for an urgent situation. As I mentioned, I have used your services many times and as always I came prepared with my confirmation code. I arrived at the branch and waited more than 30 minutes. The branch wasn’t crowed with customers, but I proceeded to wait patiently for assistance. After my wait, an employee at the branch proceeded to complete my transaction. There was a mistake in the system stating that my name is Attia Hesham Attia. My correct name and also the name listed on my identification that I gave your employee, is Hesham Elsayed Mohamed Attia. I understand and respect the rules and regulations of your company and planned on simply calling my family member and have him correct my information so that I could complete the transaction correctly. Immediately the employee began to act in an impolite manner. He told me that I would not be receiving my money that day because my name is incorrect and gave no option for a solution to the problem. Again, I understood and planned on correcting the name. He then continued to tell me several times in a very disrespectful manner that I would not receive my money and he made fun of me and asked me to go bring Attia Hesham receive the money.

    I quickly realized that I would need to speak to another staff member if I wanted to find a solution to this mistake. I then spoke to another employee who immediately approached me in an extremely disrespectful and irritated manner. He began to shout at me and asked me to “shut up” when I asked him if there is a way to correct the problem. He printed out a piece of paper and told me that I could only see it and he would not hand it to me because I would not be receiving my money. Then got increasingly offensive with every word by shouting at me “Do you know how to read? Can you read this?” He was referring to the incorrect name on the money order and shouted again that I am not Attia Hesham Attia and I will not receive the money. At this point, I was extremely embarrassed and left the store. I couldn't believe that I had been shouted at and had been made fun of by employees in such a severe and disrespectful way. I simply wanted to find a solution to the problem and resolve it.

    Despite the unfortunate treatment I received on July 13th, I still had to correct my money order and complete the transaction. The branch that my family member used was closed because of a holiday on July 14th, so I had to wait until July 15th for him to correct the name. He called me immediately after the correction was made and I went to the branch again. The staff member that assisted me on July 15th was exceptionally respectful and proceeded to finish my transaction, only to find out that the name was once again incorrect. The name this time was written Hesham Attia Hesham Attia. He explained to me that he trusted that this was my money order, but could not continue the transaction without the correct name. I was very relieved that this employee treated be in a respectful manner. I then called my family member in France to change the name for the third time. As I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, the money order was for an urgent matter and had already been delayed two days, so I waited at the branch until the changes were corrected.

    While I waited I saw the branch manager and asked if I could speak with him. I began to express my disappointment about the treatment I received on July 13th. The manager was very polite and agreed to listen to my concerns. During our conversation, the employee that I was speaking of interrupted and asked if something was wrong. I explained to him that of course there is something wrong. I reminded him of how he shouted at me in an extremely disrespectful and inappropriate manner. The employee began to shout again in front of his manager. He told me that he knew what he was doing and I had no right to complain about him. I told him that I would like to continue my conversation with his manager. I couldn’t believe the treatment I was receiving. The manager took the time to apologize, but took no other actions and showed no remorse about the treatment I had received from his angry employee. I told him that I would be sending a complaint to the main office. He told me that there was no solution to my problem and the complaint letter wouldn’t do anything. I was very disturbed at the poor customer service from nearly everyone at the branch and shocked that the manager didn’t take into consideration the treatment that I had been given by his own employee. No one showed concern.

    I received my money order, however, they gave it to me with the incorrect name despite my waiting two days and dealing with appalling treatment from the staff. The final transaction stated that my name was Hesham Elsayed Attia Hesham Elsayed Attia while my actual name is simply Hesham Elsayed Mohamed Attia. So, the transaction was completed incorrectly by the employees after all the incidents attempting to correct the name. On the bottom of the money order, there is a section for customer service. The section is left blank with only xxx-xxx-xxxx. No phone number and no e-mail contact of any kind. I assume the reasoning behind this is because similar situations happen on a daily basis at this branch. If there were actually a number or e-mail to contact someone about their poor customer service, the phone would never cease ringing with complaints.

    To conclude my story, the employees were doing their job by asking for the correct number. I’m not upset about that at all. I appreciate when people follow the rules and regulations. My biggest concern is the terribly disrespectful treatment that I received as a customer. I don’t want this to continue to happen to other people. To resolve this problem I would appreciate if you would take action in the quality of service that is given in your branches. I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem and will wait until August 15, 2010 before seeking help from the Better Business Bureau and/or filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office. Please contact me at any of the above contact information. Thank you for your time. I hope that I can continue to do business with Western Union when this problem is resolved.


    Hesham Elsayed Mohamed Attia

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  • Ka
    KA28 Feb 18, 2011

    Same thing is happening to me and I sent them and email asking for compensation and if not I will make a formal complaint to the financial ombudsman. They took my money and now its in limbo for god knows how long.

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money has been stolen from my account!

Due to Western Union's negligence to use the three digit security code on the back of a debit/credit...