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After my sister-in-law was found dead in her apartment, this management company proceeded to nickle and dime our family beyond the normal procedures. They were rude and not empathetic to the sudden death in our family. They proceeded to charge excessive cleaning and move-out charges, which we paid. I would recommend this company find their soul and send their staff to basic training on how to treat people with respect and dignity. Until that training happens and the management company shows a better track record of handling their client I would recommend all potential tenants avoid any property this company manages.

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    Stubby Squid May 17, 2018
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    Verified customer

    Lived here 20 years and the management suck and has always sucked. They are unethical and lie. They don't address problems at all. They will raise your rent without providing the required 30 days written notice and then lie about it. They enforce rules on you if you have issues and have a compliant about anything. They don't enforce the rules on other tenants. One tenant has a car sitting right next to mine with expired tabs for three years now and is using it for storage. They will enforce community rules with bias. They will give you a bad reference unless you are a squeaky clean resident with no payment issues. There are homeless on the grounds and they wont address it. Parking lots are nice and dark at night and no security on grounds ever. Loud and nasty residents with bratty kids. they hit your cars, break things, break into other peoples cars, run and scream in the halls at the top of their lungs. I have never seen such [censored] management.

    Update: 05/15/18
    Today External maintenance here working inside building painting and such set off fire alarm. I call 911 Norcom tell lady fire alarm going off and I had called a few days ago. I explain maintenance guys in hallway working and painting. Dispatcher tells me so it's not a fire and to go check with guy in hallway. I do but the guy only spoke Spanish so he found one who spoke English and I put him on the phone with her because she copped an attitude and wouldn't send fire dept. They hang up I go back to apartment and alarm continues for 20 minutes or more. I get sick of the sound from going deaf. I call the office and the lady in office is telling me my manager is not here and I don't know what more I can do. I explain contractors are in my building painting and that they set it off and I had called fire department but they wont come out.

    She says she will call manager since manager is not here and says sorry. I explained she needs to either send our normal maintenance guy to silence the alarm because I know for sure he has keys or she needs to get the fire department out to silence. Within minutes Regular maintenance showed up and silences the alarm. Why would this be a problem? Think about it a tenant is the only one aware of how to solve the problem and nobody wants to listen. Great!!! I feel really confident.

    Here is an interesting fact about this place as well. HTTPs://slate.com/human-interest/2018/05/public-housing-with-vouchers-failing-seattle-area-authorities-are-trying-something-new.html

    "landlords refuse to rent to people who receive public housing assistance" "only 12 states and the District of Columbia have laws prohibiting source-of-income discrimination that includes vouchers" This would be one of those landlords and all of Epic asset management properties who enact "source of income discrimination" against it's residents.


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Resolved Very disappointed with our experience

The statements provided here describe our own personal experience as tenants of the Hill Crest Apartments in...