Western Dental on San Fernando Blvd. in Burbank, CAservices not rendered

A Aug 07, 2018

So far I have had four appointments with Western Dental, Burnbank and still have not been seen by a doctor or received any treatment. I broke a tooth and needed it pulled. The first time I went in they told me they do not take my insurance. I asked them to please call my insurance company and they said as it was a Saturday so the company would be closed. This was not true as they are open on Saturdays for part of the day. On my second appointment I waited two hours, before i was told the only person who could call my insurance company was the manager, she was not there. Out of frustration, I called my insurance provider and put Western dental on the phone with them. Surprisingly, I did have coverage at Western Dental, after that they took me in for XRays and then gave another appointment. On my third appointment i was told i needed clearance from my doctor before any treatment as i have a defibrillator. There was no mention of this before. They gave me yet another appointment, on my fourth appointment after waiting over an hour i was told that i would be given a deep cleaning, something i was not there for. When i asked why my tooth was not being pulled out, i was told that according to their policy i had to have a deep cleaning done first. By this time i was in tears. I told them I did not need one and i was there only for a tooth extraction and a partial. This has been going on for a month now, i am in pain and have been treated poorly and unprofessionally by this so called dental establishment. I request that no charges be paid for any of my visits so far as no service was provided other than sheer inconvenience (maybe i should be paid for my time) and the necessary work be performed right away, as a basic courtesy and duty. Anne Borrowdale Cell: 818.415.0793

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