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S Aug 07, 2018 Review updated:

I engaged Westbow Press in publishing my book in 2016. I am an author based in Botswana, Africa. They are secretive and do not disclose the amount of books printed or sold. They claim that they have only sold 3 books worldwide within a period of 2 and half years.
They are presently refusing to give me my royalties and claim that they cannot pay into foreign bank accounts, whereas they initially received my money from my foreign bank account, when I first engaged their publishing service.
They are also rude and unapologetic. Could you please advice me on how to cancel my contract with them, without being continuously scammed or duped, as it seems to be their normal practice.



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      Aug 14, 2018

    I entered into a publishing contract with WESBOW on behalf of my sister; after paying for the entire package, WESBOW who advertises as "A Christian Book" publishing company states that a book on "Deliverance Ministry" did not meet their content guidelines. WESBOW then kept $400.00 of the fees paid for themselves. This is a part of their sham to get unsuspecting authors to send their manuscript in and then "based on a subjective review" they collect half of your publishing fee and leave you with nothing, not even a written explanation as to why your book did not meet their content guidelines. I have been writing WESBOW to collect the entire refund but since they take funds from their customers of course the answer was "no." I would suggest to any perspective author to research well the practices of WESBOW publishing/Author Solutions before considering them as your publishing agent. Our money is hard earn and in my case this was a present for my sister so a dream spoiled. Find a good company who really operates by the Christian values they claim to represent. Alfredia DeVita August 2018

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