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Wells Fargo Acceptance sought me out for refianancing of my auto loan for a 2005 Ford Taurus. The balance of my loan with Ford motor credit was around $10, 000.00. After expecting the fianancing with Well Fargo I learned through their deceptive practice of charging minorties with higher intrest rates. I learned I now owed them $28, 000.00 to my surprise and I was completely upside down in what my car was wroth in the blue book.
Well's Fargo began harrassing me and I had to seek bankruptcy protection from the State of Kansas. My attorney David Reed of Kansas miss represented me in my case and refused to represent me and I am now facing repossion of my car.

Can you offer any advice for me because they are trying to destroy my credit and are trying to accuse me of stealing my own car. I feel helpless because I belive this is preventing me from obtaining a job.

Any suggestion HELP HELP HELP


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    Fay Reid Jan 05, 2009

    They are doing almost the same thing to me, i was told i would have a high payment for a year but if i paid on time they would lower my payment thereafter, my credit is not good and they decieved me now i am upside down on my car loan and they will not lower my payment...

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    jessndusty Mar 02, 2009

    I personally think that wells fargo is nothing but a scam. We have been paying on our 02 ford escape for almost 4 years and still have not hit under the 10, 000.00 mark. Our payments are 410.00 every month, when we tried to refinance w/ them thinking it would be a good idea beings we have been w/ them for so long they refused us. These people are outragious and are robbing us.

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