Web.comirregular charges on debit card, refusal to give receipt, difficulty canceling and transferring domain


I got this website domain + builder + seo services in october 2014. Never got one single customer support email answered (Tried over 15 times in different times).
I was getting irregular monthly charges in my debit card from this company, but no matter how hard I tried to ask for receipts or an explanation of those charges, I never got one...
It was so shady I opened an account with hostgator and asked to have my dns servers changed to theirs. This never, never happened.
I'm waiting for 4 months for my domain to be active but they took their responsibility out of the question saying I already canceled my account, so I don't have any means to transfer my domains' servers unless I reactivate my account.
Only today, I stayed 3h: 45 min over the phone with them, and still unsolved issue... I talked with 7 representatives and none solved my prob... Really considering suing this company bc this is so wrong!!! I need my business page active asap, and this company won't help me.


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    LoveHearts2015 Apr 15, 2015

    How did you mange to speak to someone? I'm in the UK and I have not been successful in reaching anyone on the numbers provided. I am trying to cancel my account.

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