Wawasandwiches & decaf coffee


Every morning I go to Wawa store located on Curry Ford road & Dean road, at the same time every morning. An employee name Gabriela was always extra friendly. One morning I said hi as usual and there was a male non employee right by her that gave me a nasty look. Ever since it has been really weird when Gabriela is working. Yesterday morning I had a question. If they had scrambled eggs? Because you could not order it. It was 7 am. Gabriela with an attitude told me she had to do something to the system so they can start selling it and to give her 5 min. Gabriela just stood there having a conversation with a coworker for a while. I tried to ask if it was going to take longer and Gabriela just walked away. Even her coworker told her that clearly I had a question. When I got home the egg seemed different, really sticky and gooey, like if it was tampered with. Today same person was there. Gabriela and same attitude, the egg in the sandwich seemed tampered with. If I get sick I will sue. My order# today was 39 and yesterday's was #763. I have been coming to this store every day since it opened. My whole family go there and is 7 if us. Me and my family will not be going back until this person is gone it changes their attitude.

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