Wawamy order


Tonight I went into the Dean Rd and Curry Ford Rd location for the hoagie combo. For some reason when I was going through the customizers for the hoagie it would not let me move next to the sides. Other customers were having the same problem. Instead of leaving, I decided to just order a whole sandwich and add a side to it. It was of course more expensive but I figured it's more food so I'll deal. Then I get home and realize they only made me a half sandwich. So basically I came here for a cheap combo for around $6 and instead I was made to get more food and pay more, and only received half of the sandwich and a side for $9, and had to wait for 15 minutes. I was told the reason they weren't able to offer the combo was because they were out of small containers for the sides with the combo, so it wasn't able to be ordered. But that doesn't explain why I was given half a sandwich.

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