Wawahomeless and drug addicts trespassing

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I am very disturbed at what I have seen this morning. There was a homeless person who went to the coffee area and put sugar in his hands and rubbed it on his face. Then he took the sugar and was snorting.

This was a huge turn off and I will never buy coffee from WaWa again. There were a few customers who have watched the whole scene then left without buying anything.

Even though there was a security guard there, they always seem clueless or uninterested in what was going on in this particular store. There are homeless and drug addicts who come into this store stealing every day and asking for money. The store has not been there that long and it is already becoming dirty and unsanitary as you walk in the doors because the homeless/drug addicts are hanging around the front.

I am not sure what you can do to help but I would hate to see this store shut down due to your faithful customers not coming to purchase your products.

Can you train your staff to be more attentive or hire better and mature security?

Sep 20, 2019
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  •   Sep 20, 2019

    You didn’t name the location but you’ll never go to WaWa again because of one issue at one store. Did you talk to security about what you Saw?

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