Wawahorrible customer service bordering with outright disrespect.

L Nov 20, 2017 Review updated:

I am filing this complaint due to the unacceptable customer service which I was subjected to during my stop on 11/20/17 at 9:48 am in Wawa shop located on 579 N.Lewis Rd, Limerick PA 19468.

I've been Wawa customer for sometime. I usually stop in the morning hours to refuel my car as well as to purchase a quick breakfast. Today, as usually, I ordered a burrito with specific fillings and coffee. I then proceeded to the cash register to pay for my purchase. The young girl behind the register processed my payment from my PNC banking card, then disregarded to give me the receipt for my purchase. She at least managed to stamp my purchase order, proof for processed payment. I then patiently waited for my food be ready by standing next to coffee station. It took probably 5 minutes.

Since my order wasn't coming up fast enough I decided to purchase also a donut. I took a chosen donut and went to the same cash register 2nd time having the same young girl behind the register who now processed my 2nd payment, for the donut. After the payment was processed and the young girl behind the cash register ignored giving me my 2nd receipt for my payment I proceeded shaking my head to pick up my 1st purchase which was burrito. To my surprise the customer service behind the sandwich counter loud and in quite rude manner announced to me that I was not getting any ordered food unless I paid for my order. When I objected that I paid both times and actually provide the stamped order receipt I was told out loud so that everyone in the busy shop could give me their stupid, weird looks like I was doing something horrible, that the payment wasn't accepted. The rude person behind the sandwich counter was supported another staff member arguing with me. Yet the young girl behind the cash register never mentioned anything to me, never alerted me even though I was patiently standing idly for some time just a few feet from her waiting for the ordered food.

The complaint is about absolutely unacceptable behavior of your staff that apparently have no idea about the proper manners and customer service. They without any reason put me into quite uncomfortable situation even though I have done nothing wrong.

In addition, burritos are usually wrapped plain into a thin paper bag which after a few minutes gets soaked from the food ingredients leaking out of burrito and sticks to the food/burrito so much that it is impossible to separate the two. That way the burrito is either eaten with the paper bag or tossed into the garbage bin. Of course when I requested my food be wrapped into more appropriate wrapping paper it was made loud and clear that my request was not welcomed.

Dear, I am quite determined to spread the news about this type of customer treatment, about such low quality of customer service by informing first your department and then write about it and send it to your CEO, CFO COO, and other officers who's direct responsibility is to make sure that appropriate services and respect is provided to Wawa customers.



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      Nov 21, 2017

    When you noticed that the cashier forgot to give you your receipts, did you ask for them? Maybe she did not realize this and all that needed to be done was to notify her.

    By the way, I don't think the CFO will be able to assist you. You may want to skip over that individual.

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