So I go and buy 2 packs of Virginia slim cigarettes today. I pay for it with my debit card and when I look up the guy had given me the wrong cigarettes. They didn't have any more of my brand of cigarettes. The guy asked me to come back in an hour or two because the truck will be coming in to bring in their shipment. I agree went home did not open either pack of cigarettes. Went back several hours later. And was told that the shipment guy had been in an accident and is now in the hospital and they still don't have my brand of cigarettes. I travel to another Wawa who did not have my brand of Virginia slim Menthol Gold cigarettes. I went to another Wawa and they told me that they cannot exchange the two unopened untampered packs of cigarettes because there was a code and it was from a different store and they will get in trouble and fined for exchanging the cigarettes. I have been buying cigarettes from Wawa for more than 20 years now and I think this type of treatment and customer service is ridiculous. Signed a very upset customer.
Kala C Zeigler

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