Wawabad customer service


I have had bad run in's with this wawa on a few occations. Firstly; as a store I like Wawa, but this one 'has' to be the worse. I've gone there and ordered a turkey breakfast sandwich, they've served me bacon instead-I don't eat pork(. This was done by one of the black women on early morning shift: whom have always screwed something up). Its customer service isn't efficent. You can tell they have this 'I don't care how long I take: I'm on the clock attitude (employee: Brandon)'. An are just totally mis-organized, you ask one employee about something, they put it off on the next.


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      May 18, 2011

    sounds like you're racist to me. just the fact that you have to mentioned the "black" lady. it doesnt matter what the color of her skin is. Also take into consideration that wawas are always busy during breakfast time and anyone can make a mistake. If you came back im pretty sure you could have point out the mistake and they would fix it. it has happened to me and they have helped me. Wawa employees = regular human beens. just like you!

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      May 22, 2011

    To set the record straight, I myself am "black" - furthermore; racism is done mostly by possessors of power: prejudice is shown by possessors of opinions. N.E.How, I realize we are human; though my dollars are counted as consumer votes. An if they want me to vote for them, they like the rest of the competing capitalistic businesses out there; needs to put forth the most reasonable Customer Service. People (, these type of employees) need to accept the fact that 'I didn't make them take their job'. So don't give me your attitude/laziness, because a customer (whom creates the need for them to have a job in the first place, ) has asked them to do their job.

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      Feb 12, 2012

    Excuse me? I work at Wawa and I am CONSTANTLY working. If I had a lazy attitude, I would be fired. If you keep having problems with sandwiches made by this associate, tell a manager so they can fix the problem.

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      Mar 14, 2012

    Wawa has an employee who has shut down the deli not because they have ran out of food but because she stated she was tired of dealing with customers!!! Wow... Tonight she leaves another employee to deal with over 15 customers to go into the freezer, and it was very obvious that she did not want to help. She always has an attitude I asked her why one day and she states that she hates her job! I told her that with the recession she should be blessed to have one thinking that would change her thinking but it did not! A few weeks later I notice that this young lady named Samantha is a Manager!!! Wow.. I have never worked for any company that would allow this but I guess Wawa does!!! Sad...

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