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List my home for sale with Watson Realty (Lannie Linn, Agent). A really low offer was submitted to me and I was told that I should sell for this amount because the comps showed that it may not appraise for that amount. I was pressured and scared into signing to sell. Two weeks later when the appraiser came and had not even left the drive way, I asked Mr. Linn if he thought it would go through. He said it most definitely would appraise for that amount. I was a little surprise and asked him how he knew ...he said he had sent comps to the appraiser and the appraiser had told him there would not be a problem. I realized at that moment that I had been lied to about the value of my property in order for Mr. Linn to make the sale. He left my home and turned around and came back and and said that he had not sent the comps. He was changing he story because for him to have provided comps to the appraiser would have been illegal. I communicated with the manager or owner Dianne Pittman at Watson Realty. I must clarify that I do not know what her affiliation is with the company. She was 100% behind Mr.Linn and refused to acknowledge that there might have been a problem. I would highly suggest that you avoid this company and Mr. all cost.

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Jan 17, 2012 7:24 pm EST

Realtors always provide comps to the appraiser. They actually do this to help your house appraise. Sometimes banks have an appraiser who is not exactly local. For example the bank will say an appraiser from Palm Coast or Jacksonville is a local to Saint Augustine. Which simply isn't the case, appraisers have a hard time finding the right comps sometimes because they are not familiar with area. On my house in Royal Saint Augustine, the appraiser wanted to use homes from Holmes as comps, anyone who lives in Saint Augustine knows these are not comparable to each other. Thankfully my realtor gave him comps and he used those instead. If a realtor thinks your house will sell for a substantial amount more they will let you know. However, if they think it might be worth 2-3, 000 more than an offer, the smart thing would be for them to encourage you to accept the offer. I am surprised the manager did not cover all of this with you, if anything I would be upset with the lack effort from the manager as to why she did not take time with you to ease your worries. She should have pulled all the comps for you and explained the whole process.

Jan 14, 2012 9:26 pm EST
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Yes, I have had a similar experience with Watson Realtors. They do not care about you and they are only out for the paycheck.


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