Waste Management [WM]almost killed by your driver then video taped and harassed

L Sep 28, 2019

On Friday, Sept. 27 th . 2:00 p.m.I was heading to me bank, chase bank in Bloomingdale. I big WM truck who did NOT have the right of way came barreling towards me almost hit me, t- boned to be exact. So I turn into my bank and the same truck is hot on my tail he has turned off of Shick. He proceeded to literally stay an inch away from my in pouring rain I had to stop because the lot was flooded but if I did he would have no doubt hit me. So I pull of hop out of my car and grab my phone to take a pic of his license plate to file a complaint. Your driver, a skinny white guy with grey hair jumps out of the truck and starts filiming me and grabbing his crotch suggesting I can suck it and flipping me off. He also did a maneuver with the truck like he was gonna spin it around and run me over, all while video taping me, laughing and flipping me off. I literally told home: you're on the job, do you think this is appropriate? You almost ran me over 2 times. This is life or death not a joke. He continues sticking his tongue out at me giving me a thumbs up telling me I can tell his boss no one gives a [censored] he can do what he wants. I got in my car and left because he obviously is not ok in the head. I got video and pix of the truck. Absolutely disturbing and disgusting behavior the whole chase bank drive thru witnessed your employee who is probably pushing 50 almost kill me twice then prance around and act like a toddler, not one single prompt reminding him that he is on the job made a single difference. If I didn't have somewhere to be so urgently I would have called 911. This guy needs to be off the road before he kills someone. Mark my words.. I am still in shock at what I dealt with and witnessed shame on you for hiring nut jobs who carry your name and don't care at all. My name is Lauren Prosser. My phone is [protected] and my email is: [protected] I expect to hear back something. I can also happily identify this joker and menace. Thank you for reading have a lovely day, Lauren Prosser

  • Updated by Lauren SilverSpike · Sep 28, 2019

    I would like to mention this whole incident was also caught on tape at my local chase bank and several ppl witnessed. It’s life or death when we are out on the road. I don’t appreciate my life being risked by an overgrown bully. Thank you again have a wonderful day, Lauren Prosser

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