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Waste management bills consumers in my city in quarterly installments. If you, the consumer, do not receive your bill for any reason, do not pay it within the first 4 weeks of receiving the invoice (it is mailed @3 weeks prior to the start of the new quarter), or do not pay the full amount, whether by intent or accident, the company will still pick up your refuse but will put your account on "suspension" and charge you, the consumer a $35 re-instatement fee.

Sounds fine, because most companies providing a service can and do charge reconnect fees.in the case of waste management, the do not ever inform you in any way whatsoever on your original invoice that there is a reconnect fee if they suspend service for non-payment, nor do they mail out late notices. They do not notify the consumer in writing prior to imposing this fee.

You have to pay the fee or they will halt service. And you, their consumer, have no recourse.

In my case, my city has an ordinance requiring it's citizens to have trash service. And the city has a contract with waste management. As a result, if I refuse to pay a bill, not only am I charged a fee for reconnect from waste management, but I could be found to be in non-compliance of city code/ordinance and can be fined by the city up to $125. Waste management knows this, so they charge whatever they want, and then you are forced to pay, one way or another.

I would like to know if others have had similar billing problems/issues with waste management, or if you have been charged a fee like this by waste management without any notice prior to the charge. Please send an email to: this e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need javascript enabled to view it

Please include your contact information so that we may get more information in the future if you'd like to share. Attach copies of any correspondence you have had with the company that may be relevant.

  • Waste Management [WM]'s response · Aug 03, 2016

    Hello, we are sorry to hear about the issues with your billing. We would like to look into this further on your behalf. Please email us at [email protected] (subject: CB) with your address and contact information and we'll look into this. Apologies for this. ^dn Waste Management

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


  • Me
    Mea Cadwell Oct 11, 2008

    I worked for Waste Management for 6 years when they fired me because of a back injury. (That's another story entirely!!) I haven't worked for that company for about 4 years now (thank God!) so am not sure what types of new bills they have implemented.

    But, I can tell you this...WMI is in it only for the money. They don't care about their customers or their employees.

    They do bill residential accounts in quarterly increments and each quarter you will find your bill has gone up slightly (that is if you don't have a contract). In a year's time you could easily pay several dollars more per bill than what you were originally asked to pay. If you don't scrutinize your bills you may not even notice this. And we were told in customer service that we weren't to remove the extra amounts unless the customer called in to complain about it.

    Back then WMI did send out notices when an account was past due (I sent these out myself so know it happened...at least in our district), again, am not sure what they do, or don't do now.

    I hope you can find some reliable people in your area that have had the same thing happen to them. Then contact your town's mayor or even the state's attorney about this.

    Waste Management needs to learn that people are people, not walking/talking wallets.

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  • Sc
    Scott Taylor Dec 29, 2008

    As someone who just started service (for Taylor Products Corp. in Cleveland) I have to say information from their customer service dept has been grossly inaccurate so far. Smiley voices; garbage customer service.

    Scott Taylor

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  • Tm
    TMJRecordings Feb 12, 2009

    WM is CRAP!!! I moved in to my house 2 years ago and the person that lived there before me paid the next bill. So I figured that WM would either stop picking up my garbage or i would get something in the mail. But they didn't. They just picked it up for 2 years without being paid!!! Then they final noticed after I called and wondered what was going on and then they said they were going to back bill me!!! No freakin way. I never wanted to pay for them to do that. They are too much money. After i talked to like 6 people i was told i need to talk to Lisa, Yes Lisa and she would help me out. Well that was 2 months ago and i have called 8 times and asked to speak to Lisa, and every time i left a message and she never called me back. NOW they are threating to send us to a collection agency. All that to say, Go with someone else!!!

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  • Mo
    Mohan Sengodan Apr 08, 2009

    Agree. Without proper information, they cancelled my service and still took money from my auto pay. when asked, they asked 25 dollars for reconnection. They didnt mail me anything either in post or in e-mail. The coustomer service is ridiculous and dont have the patience tp explain to me properly. Such a atrocious behaviour. Yeah, go with someone elase...

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  • Gc
    g c Jul 08, 2009

    I just recieved a resume service fee on my bill of $25 and customer service wouldn't reverse it.. Their automated payment server didn't work one month and i was billed to start it again.. Im now in the process of filing my 3rd BBB complaint with them... Thats the only thing that works with satisfying the customer.. Also beware of the service contract the sales rep tells you it for only a year but its 3 years... not good... milwaukee

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  • Di
    dissatisfied customer2 Aug 01, 2009

    WM charges the $25.00 reinstatement fee, but they do not tell you this when you prepay and if you ask for a refund, they will tell you they do not do refunds. Pick another company to haul your garbage: Waste Management stinks more than the garbage they haul.

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  • Ev
    evilzilla Aug 18, 2009

    WHAT A WASTE should be their name. I have had no regular service in two weeks, they had the pick up dates wrong and I had to call each day to get them to come back out and get the trash. Customer service is no help, they have had over 10 calls in the two week time frame.
    I'll just take the next batch and throw it on their front lawn and then call the city code enforcement they are located at and give them some of their own medicine. (I know the code officers) !!! next step, call their president and give em an ear full!

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  • Ko
    koyoko Sep 14, 2009

    I got trouble with them too. They overcharge me without any intention to refund. They even keep calling me to notify me pay the paid bill. Their billing system is complete a mess. I highly suspect they have relation with mafia or something that they can do such thing.
    Even I paid the bill with a clear confirmation number, I still receive the same bill without any attemption for refund me the overcharge. And I get billing phone call three times a week. They are really like a loan shark

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  • Ba
    Bad rubbish Sep 24, 2009

    Same issues as all of you except for the fact that I paid the bill and the amount came out of my account then no pick up so I call and they tell me I still owe $14.02 more that they didn't get the whole amount. Double check with my bank and the whole amount did come out but they didn't post it all to my account and they can't explain where the $14.02 went so service was suspended. Trash has been in cans for 2 weeks (my neighbors have been really cool THANK GOD!) Call them and cancel my service get a confirmation number from them and also found a company that is 1/3 the cost of Waste Mismanagement! YES 1/3 I felt like a complete idiot when I found this company! Get a phone call today telling me that they are reinstating my service and just going to tack on the reconnect fee and the $14.02 I owe them. I tell the lady TANISHA that I canceled my service a week ago and give her the confirmation number and she tells me there is no record on my account so I tell her I want the account closed and we go through the whole thing again get another confirmation number and I tell her if she does not remove her property from my property withing the next 10 days I will be charging her storage fees! She said I was harassing her! So i figure OK going to pay the stupid $14.02 and get rid of them totally until she tells me it $8.00 frigging bucks to pay over the phone!! SO DID NOT DO THAT!! And for all the headache this company has caused meI decided to let my bank and them fight it out. They came and got their trash cans today so GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD BAD RUBBISH!!!

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  • Cc
    cclady Oct 08, 2009

    Just to let everyone know, I have decided to change their company name to SISSY MANAGEMENT/ Time Wasters inc.! I empathize with everyone of you. I used to have sissy management as a paying customer and I had numerous issues with crapy service and overcharges etc. I started using a different company. I currently live in a city where trash service is paid for in your water and sewar and taxes. Guess who has the contract for that! That's right, Sissy time wasters it is!
    Ok here it is! We move into this house a few weeks ago. Last tennants leave big freaking trash pile at end of driveway. We try feeding it slowly into the weekly pickup. Week after week I watch the Sissy Tech, knock the pieces of trash from the pile out of and off of the trash cans, throw my cans to the ground and drive off. So last week we get a citation, so I call Sissy M TW inc. to inquire about a special pickup, and cost. Wow great news, we are entitled to 1 free bulk pickup per week. I describe to her exactly what is there and how much, she assures me its no problem I just cant put out anything over 4 feet. Great so I go outside with the flu and a nasty cough in the rain and work for three hours making a real neat and trim stack. Wednesday comes the trash truck arrives empties my cans knocks a bunch of stuff of the pile, no lets be honest, the jerk destroyed my pile and drove off. I call Sissy M customer abusers and get told that they couldn't pick up the wood planks because of nails and over four foot lengths and a messy pile! I explained all my hard work, there aren't any nails etc. Now i am further told I must bundle everything wow. We are talking about a pickup truck load of wood scraps and some drawers stuff I picked up and moved and did not injur myself on and I'm being lectured about the Sissy techs safety! Ha and I'm a girl, with a freaking cane and good grief he is a liar anyway. So on with it I was promised they would return by noon today! Bull! I called after two and was told by the end of the day and lectured that after all it is a free service and bla bla bla. Now I'm being told next week. Well thats fine. Great free service. The reinspection is Monday so I have to call a trash hauler anyway and if I had known this was gonna be such a hassle I would have just called a trash hauler. Do not know why I thought they would actually pick it up without a hassle! Wow Thanks for reading my vent! I feel a little better now!!!

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  • An
    andyburd28 Oct 12, 2010

    Waste Management sent me to collections even though I was on auto-pay. They are terrible and I will never give them business with them again.

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  • Je
    jes327 Jan 27, 2011

    I have a residential-size dumpster at my house under a lease agreement with WM It's been over a year now and I've been ready more than once to tell WM to come get their f#$ dumpster! I've been tired of dealing with their b.s. invoices over the past year. My bill has been wrong more often than right and I've grown tired of it! I've had to watch my bill every month and it sucks. When you see their errors and complain-enough they throw you a bone over the phone. They're all pleasant like they did you a big favor. They tell you to pay a certain amount on the current invoice and that you'd see the credit on next month's bill. You pay the amount they mention then next month comes along and you see your invoice is still screwed-up. You see charges you don't understand and the credit they mentioned the previous month is no-where to be found. So you call them. They tell you any credit they give has to first be approved. You tell them the credit was approved last month. They put you on hold anyway. They get the approval once again, then come back and tell you to pay a certain amount and that you'd see the credit on next month's bill. My next month's bill will be screwed-up again, it wouldn't surprise me. What I think really goes on is that they hope you get tired of calling and just pay whatever.

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  • Us
    usapvp Jan 29, 2011

    WM Oakland is very unprofessional and unfair. We've been paying 6 houses services but only had 4 houses delivery. It's been at least 6 months, which means we are over paying 2 houses extra for over 1 year! That is over $500 over charge w/o providing services! We called but manager refuse to refund and argue they'll pick up the trash bags, but the 2 houses tenants have been putting trash bags out but WM refused to pick them up. The 2 houses tenants also called in couple times demanding garbage bins last year but no answer. We request our full refund.
    Secondly, Oakland won't give tenants green bins, tenants can't recycle. We requested last year several times but nobody cares. We decided to write to headquarter and see if this will get resolved. It's been such painful nightmares to argue with rude, unprofessional and inefficient employees from WM Oakland.

    We used to order lots of commercial bins but switched to other companies. if WM don't take care problems now, WM will lose all clients eventually.

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  • Wm
    wmbil10 Apr 21, 2011

    Please all of you contact me. I hate their service. One quarter there was no past due amount, January of 2011 I get a bill that charges the current due amount no problem on my credit card, but then all of a sudden there is a past due amount. Then a few weeks later the reinstatement fee. Nothing in the mail. The only reason I knew is because all of a sudden I was getting an email confirmation for over 120 dollars, bill normally around 90, and then I am being charged separately 38. Then again this month. Funny how all payments are going through without any change to my credit profile. I am calling tomorrow but from past experience it isn't going to be fun. I am going to get an audio recording this time. I setup an email in hope of getting responses to build a profile to fight back.
    email me your concise story with how you could prove it. I can easily prove it by showing my invoices to a judge I would even post publicly by just removing my name, account, and address. Take pictures holding up your cell phone or the current days paper, get audio, and get invoices online as proof.
    [email protected]

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  • De
    DevinB Sep 08, 2011

    WM is probably one of the worse companies to deal with. They will increase your monthly charges without any notice and they will renew your contract without your approval. That's not the only problem, I been trying to discontinue their service for more than a month but they won't call back and ever time you call the answer is same, some kind of manager or super wiser will call you. This lady, Teressa Watzka was working on my account and I think I left her more than 10 message with absolutely no call back. Then finally I had be on the phone with 3 different people before getting to her and she was so rude finally when I spoke to her. Now again I'm waiting for a call from this another manager, Daren. Let's see how this will go. Please go for one of the competitors. They are cheaper and MUCH better service.

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  • Wm
    WM sucks May 13, 2012

    They did NOT pick up our dumpster in the month of February 2012 - yet billed us for the entire month even after I called, emailed and wrote letters to WM.The billing system they use is set up to systematically keep increasing your rate while you are legally stuck in a contract with them. We started out at $147/month and now it is over $210/month!! The customer service is set up to give you the run around long enough that you just get frustrated and hang up or stop calling/emailing. We received no credit for no service in February and have never received a reasonable explanation for our numerous rate increases. The best response we ever got was when we tried to get out of our contract for THEM not fullfilling their duties - thats when we were immediately contacted about the legally binding noose.Buyer beware! If you use WM expect (know) that your rates will go up!!

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  • An
    antoinefischer Jun 11, 2012

    I agree.

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  • Ji
    jim333 Jun 12, 2012

    WM is one of the worst scams I have encountered. This billing 'error' system that you read about everywhere is only the tip of the iceberg. There is nothing wrong with a late fee or even 'being in it for only the money, ' that is capitalism. But this company has a really unique billing system that they 'pretend' to not understand. I was charged the late fee, a finance charge and the reconnect fee (even though I sent my payment). so may be they didnt get it. But when I called and paid in full they agreed to waive the fees and only charge me the past due and current charges. Week later, I get a bill for another set of all three late charges, another disconnect notice. When I call in, they won't help. They say they can't access my previous payment. The customer service people are so bad it seems like they are trained 'collectors, ' who work for another company. The end result, I can't get anything resolved and their secret way of accounting/billing make it so that nobody (and I mean nobody) is immune from their secret fees. This company needs to be held accountable. Jim ([email protected])

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  • Jc
    jc1290aa Jul 13, 2012

    I got hit by WM of resume service fee for $20 this statement cycle. They did call me once to remind my payment is past due. I never receive any invoice from WM. Only an email once every 3 months which did not state any amounts of invoice. I am calling my City Hall and Department of Consumers Affairs of California to complaint about WM.

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  • Ki
    Kickmeonce Sep 04, 2012

    Waste management sucks. I have been watching my bill go up every year for large amount and not really questioning it. Most recent bill was $125.00 for 3 months of curbside pick up. THis is included 30.00 dollars for fuel recovery charges. I was looking online at their site and found for my area that I could get curbside pickup for $17.00 dollars a month. I called and asked why I am being charged so much more that this . I was told this is only for people who sign up for service online. So me a loyal customer for many years has been paying 60 % more than everyone else. NOT ANY MORE, WHAT A SCAM !!!

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  • Ev
    EVE327 Feb 11, 2013

    Waste Management sucks, There customer service is joke! Customer Service said that my trash was not picked up because the hydraulic arm tried to pick it up, but it weighs more than 250 lbs. Not true. The trash man was in a bad mood and he threw almost everybody on my block's bin sideways on the street. Workers at WM can do as they please. I knew a man who worked for them as a trash collector for at least 15 years, and he would have stories at least once a week when working for WM. This WM garbage collector who worked in various cities in LA, Las Vegas, NV, El Paso, TX and Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, NM, would love to tell stories of how he would throw half of people's trash on the floor whenever they called in and complained. And other times he would not pick up there trash because he wanted to give the customer's a hard time. I would ask him, "Won't you get reprimanded?" And he would respond "no" to me these people are funny, I like to mess with them and if when I arrive at the office, they ask me anything. I say I did not pick up the trash for various reasons (in policy)." And he would continue to laugh at these same customers he was giving a hard time to, especially the retired people who would come out and yell curse words at him. In other words, CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS ARE AMUSING TO THE TRASH MEN, this is there highlight of the day.

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  • Dg
    DG46 Mar 31, 2014

    I received a notice left on one of my trash containers today that I needed to call Waste Management's local office. When I called, I was eventually routed over to a gal who wondered why I was calling. After giving several pieces of information, she was able to tell me my service was suspended because of a past due amount. When I told her I did not receive a statement for the period in question (this is the second time in the last year this has happened), she said I should have signed up for their paperless statements. I asked her if she could prove anyone who receives paperless statements had actually opened the paperless posting. Her response is "we send them". When asked when they send they send them she didn't know, she was told that statements are sent out by paper mail and paperless e-mails. She still couldn't answer how Waste Management knows if anybody receives them in a timely manner and if they open them. Her response was "we send them".

    When i pointed out that I had received the current statement on March 28th and the date of the service being suspended was March 31st and that's why i was calling, her response was if I had signed up for paperless statements, I would have had the current statement. When I told her I had the current paper statement in my hand and the date on the current statement was April 1st with a due date of April 30th. She had no answer on the date of the current statement and the service being suspended one day before the statement date.

    Since my City contracts with Waste Management, I called my city and spoke with the person who administers the contract. This person listened to my story and agreed the circumstances are not what the contract calls for. She was going to contact Waste Management and promised to have an answer within one day. I'll find out when the current contract ends and I can guarantee there will be lot of people demanding the City not renew the contract and we'll have representatives from other area trash haulers there to offer their services and the promise they do things differently.

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  • Th
    Thang Le Feb 11, 2015

    We have paper less bill and easy pay with WM, We don't know how are they system work, I just believed everthing is fine.
    But one day We got a letter of suspended service and charge $25.00 for reinstall fee, We call to WM customer service one lady said she will put $25.00 back to my account, today I check my account there was charged $25.
    I make phone call to WM again Customer service represent at 12:50pm ( Mari) said she don't know and WM not responsible to explain to customer about reinstall charge. We must ask our financial service.

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  • Se
    Sean S M Feb 19, 2015

    "we don't have to tell you, this is corporate America and this is how it works"

    I have used them for 5 years for trash services now and when I was informed by a neighbor that I should call Right Away Disposal or Republic Services because they are cheaper and wont screw you over. Let me tell you how this story goes...I called all 3 companies to compare rates and when I got to Waste Management I was shocked when they told me "$65/3 months" seeing how I'm paying $109.86/3 months with Waste Management. I contacted Andrea (a manager) at the customer service line she informed me she had no clue why I was paying so much and to call corporate...so I did then I spoke with a real "nice" guy named John (a manager in corporate complaint dept) he was rude and once again couldn't provide any answers as to why I'm paying almost double what the rate is. He then sent me to a new manager in the corporate office named Michelle who was anything but helpful she informed me that " I probably started at the $65 and since have had increases" When I asked for documentation about when why or what bill the increase went on she said she couldn't provide that. I then asked when or how they informed me of an increase in my bill of almost double and her exact response was " we don't have to tell you, this is corporate America and this is how it works" keep in mind that is a manager in Waste Management's corporate office! On a brighter note she did offer to "work out a deal" to lower the bill I told her that I would never do business with a shady company like hers again.
    Please save yourself the head ache and financial burden of dealing with Waste Management and the "Corporate America" way of doing business that they seem to enjoy!

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  • Cb
    cb2272 Aug 01, 2015

    I just viewed my bill online and Waste Management charged me $55 for resume service fee. This is for the period of 3/01/15 to 6/30/15 for $70.72.
    I paid $30.72 on 4/6/15, $10 on 5/26/15 and $30 on 6/5/15. They did not pick up my trash on 6/1/15 and it resumed on 6/8/15. I went online to pay my new account for 7/01/15 to 10/31/15 and I see a Late fee 2.50%/30 Days for $5 and a Resume Service Fee of $55. That is super ridiculous. I just sent them an email to dispute that charge. I asked them before why they are trying to charge customers so many months in advance and they cut me off when the new bill hasn't even come out yet. And $55 for resuming my service? Ridiculous. I emailed them and told them I will report them to Better Business Bureau. I also asked them where on the website does it say that reconnecting a service would cost $55. It is not like someone came to my house and disconnected anything, I can understand a $15 to $25 resume service fee, but for a darn "garbage missed pickup"? They even got a free week off of me. Ugh... Ridiculous.

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  • He
    HeatherK Sep 22, 2015

    I called and cancelled our service when we received our PCS (permanent change of station) orders from the army. When they did not remove our trash can from our home by our service end date of July 7, 2015 I called to confirm cancellation of service. At this point the representative I spoke to said they would not pro-rate our final bill and we would be required to pay for service through the end of August. Because they do not mail us statements and require we are on automatic payment, they had already charged me for service through the end of August 2015. I tried making contact via email several times to explain the situation and I was told I would not get "special treatment" for being in the military and there was nothing I could do about it. I reversed the charge they made to my credit card for the 3 months of service. After they received the charge back they sent me a paper statement. They pro-rated my service on this bill but then they tacked on a $40 fee for cancelling my service and a $5 "late" fee. My payment had not been late, they had forced me to reverse it. I wrote them a letter explaining the billing issues I had so far and sent them the payment I owed for the pro-rated service I received, as detailed on my bill. I told them that acceptance of that payment would constitute their agreement that it was satisfactory payment in full of my account. My check was cashed and they have now sent me another bill for $50 ($40 disconnect fee plus two $5 late fees) this time stating they will send this to a collection agency. I filed my complaint with the BBB yesterday. Clearly predatory billing to claim they can't pro-rate and then to all of the sudden pro-rate it but try to squeeze in more added fees. Stay as far away from Waste Management as possible!

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  • Ra
    RA614 Dec 10, 2015

    Horrible incompetent company!! 2 times in 3 months they just didn't pick up my trash. They drove past my house and marked it as picked up. I called them 2 times a day for 4 days to get this resolved. Each day they PROMISED I would get picked up by the end of the day- it never was. Finally, Friday morning I called for an actual time. They said before noon FOR SURE. At Noon- still no sign of them. I called and they said it had been moved back to 4pm. Again, I had pick ups promised to me every day by 4pm. So I cancelled. It took about 15 minutes because I had the service rep make sure I would get a refund issued to my card and not have a check mailed to me. She set it all up and said I would be refunded in 3 days. A week later I call to see why I haven't been refunded- it was because imI was set up to be mailed a check in a month- not a direct refund. What?? Seriously?? They can't get anything right. do not use- you will regret it.

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  • An
    Anonymosity Jan 18, 2016

    I cancelled my WM service as of 1/31/16, or tried to. I spent an entire day on phone calls and emails to 1) cancel service, 2) get a partial refund since I am paid through March (auto pay), and 3) cancel my auto pay authorization. I have never in my li8fe encountered such poor customer service!! I spoke to at least 8 people at several different numbers, got cut off twice, and left on hold for over 15 minutes (before I finally hung up). I spent an entire day on this issue!! I was told it's their "policy" not to issue refunds for overpayment. I finally sent a not-very-nice email indicating that their policy constitutes theft, is in no way legally binding, and that I would take them to small claims court for the maximum I can get out of them (about $7500 in my state) on the grounds of stealing from my bank account. Someone phoned me about 5 minutes after I sent the email, indicating that they could "get around the no-refund policy" by reversing the last auto payment. The company would then bill me for the month of January only instead of two additional months after cancellation. The guy was very nice and helpful, but it was probably just a good-cop/bad-cop routine. I'm waiting to see if the money really gets refunded back into my account. Bottom line, don't just assume that "company policy" is in any way legal or binding. You have to threaten right back against disreputable, dishonest companies like this one.

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  • Au
    audsmith Jan 22, 2016

    I am now sending a petition throughout my neighborhood asking my fellow neighbors to switch. I am also campaigning with my fellow veterans and VFW facilities to drop them. My bills were being sent to the wrong email address and I was constantly getting charged $45 to reinstate my account. They were rude and non responsive on the phone. Now they just refused to pick up my garbage again stating that an over charge fee was not paid from over a year ago???? And I have to pay another $45 on top of that to get back on track!! They have no clue how to manage their billing department... Someone has to rein them in..

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  • La
    Lazy lying cheats Feb 11, 2016

    This has got to be one of the worst companies ever. First, the driver responsible for my area is lazy and doesn't pick up our trash in the winter - they are not allowed to drive if they feel it's too dangerous. So if there is ANY snow they immediately have an excuse. This winter has been mild (I live in PA) and we have only been getting about 1" of snow here and there, but that's all they need. There was a time when the weather was OK and when I called to find out why they didn't come, they said I didn't have my can out (it was). So now it's my word against theirs. That's not the worst, though... Since I did not get any service in January 2016, and after learning the lies about my trash not being out, I decided to cancel their service January 28. December 1, 2015 I paid ~$95 for three months service (which surprised me - my rates had been closer to $75 - $80). Anyway, I told them to refund me for January (no service) & February (canceled). Guess what I was told by customer service. First, they said that since I prepaid, then that waives my right to a refund. What does this mean? I never realized that signing up for automatic payments is a contract where I waive my rights. Then I was told they do not refund people in my area. WOW! How I wish I bought my house in a refund area. I assume that area must be planet earth. After talking to another person I was told I can get ~$25 back, and it will take about 1.5 months to get. After figuring things out I told them it should be closer to $58. I would think that a corporation could afford this, but people in my area must be stupid (after all, we moved to a non-refund zone). I was told that if I want more back to wait until after I get the $25 then call back. I guess they figure by then I'll be dead from the diseases I contracted from the month's worth of garbage. On a final note, I have been trying to get them to take back THEIR tote for 2 weeks, to no avail. Thank God I have a choice - I would have to move if they were the only option (to a refund area, of course!). WM will be your Worst Mistake!

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  • To
    Tony Loft May 24, 2016

    This is the absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with. This is the second time you guys have cancelled my account without any prior notification. This time I have a bill for $46 and just had a guy come to pick up my cans for non payment. Just because you are the only Garbage Collector in the city, does not give you the right to treat people this way. I will not be using your so-called services any longer. I refuse to be treated this way. I will be taking my garbage to the dump.

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  • Un
    UnhappywithWM Aug 03, 2016

    Terrible company--do NOT sign a contract with them! They will take advantage of you. They destroyed my driveway and refused to make it right; the driveway was old but they contributed to its decay by driving on the edges of it and on the grass. A contract automatically renews for three years unless you cancel it between 120 and 90 days prior to its termination date. I was determined to do this but screwed up on the dates. So I am stuck with this lousy company for another three years.

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  • DIRM74 Aug 03, 2016

    Tony Soprano agrees.

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  • Jo
    jonkquill Aug 03, 2016

    I am a customer of Waste Management & have been for the last 9 years. There was a random charge on my last bill of $18.48, I didn't look at my bill closely, so paid it. On my latest bill the random $18.48 has been added again. I phoned WM today (08/19/11 - spoke with a customer service rep, then Stephanie Floor Lead/Supervisor) they told me it was their mistake & they couldn't explain why it had been added, but I have to pay it anyway & they will then credit my account on my next bill. I told them I cannot afford to pay the random charge/mistake then to be reimbursed in two months time. I was told if I do not pay this random added charge, I may incure late fees!! After hearing this I asked if I could speak with a Manager, only to be told that the Manager had just gone into a meeting & will only repeat the same anyway. I'm outraged that I have overpaid on my last bill and now have to overpay on this bill when I can't afford to.

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  • Tr
    trish1gordon Aug 26, 2016

    Don't sign a contract with them. They will lock you into a rolling contract. In order to cancel you have to send them a certified letter 90 days in advance of your 'expiration date'. If you don't, your contract rolls over for an entire new term. In my case it rolled to another 36 months. If I cancel, I have to pay a pickup fee $100, plus 6 months of billing in my case $906. Beware of this company!

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  • Rw
    rwturner Mar 23, 2017

    As the former WMI employee accurately pointed out, my quarterly bill increased almost every single time. When I had enough and cancelled, I was told that they could significantly lower my rates! That's 100% proof that the incremental increase in rates to existing customers is not warranted, it's merely gigging existing customers for more money and hoping they won't notice. Then they surprised me with a $25 tote removal fee. I could deliver their totes anywhere in the city for $1 of my fuel and would have gladly done so had I known there was a fee equal to a whole month of service for picking up their own totes. I will never do business with them again and I will tell others to avoid this company like all other morally bankrupt corporations.

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  • Fa
    Fashion Kiosk May 16, 2017

    This company is FRAUD, and scam, i used to have service with them for a long time, then suddenly in one month they overcharge me about $3000, for calling "Overage" charge, which was not true, i used to produce the same amount of trash for more than 3 years, they keep calling me to collect, but i defiantly refused, and asked to challenge them in court,
    Stay away from WM, all fraud and rude customer service.

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  • Su
    submarelime Feb 08, 2018

    September 5, 2017 was my last day of garbage service with Recology because that is the day i moved out of my rental and moved into my current rental.
    February 6, 2018, I received a Notice in the mail from the property management at my CURRENT RESIDENCE TO VACATE THE PREMISES BECAUSE OF AN UNPAID BILL with RECOLOGY at my previous rental. WHAT?!
    I called Recology and the person i talked to had a very heavy accent barely comprehensible and had to spell out her email to me because she wants me to submit "proof" that I actually moved out when i say i did. When i closed the account back in September the customer service person i spoke to did NOT have an accent. So obviously the current customer service person expressed disbelief that i closed the account because she's not the person i talked to. Anyway, They have an interoffice problem in accounting and they're trying to pin their mistake on me.
    Why is Recology threatening my current RENTAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT with a lien when i don't have service with them and haven't since i moved out. Why is Recology putting liens on landlords for a tenant utility bill in the first place? That doesn't make any sense to me at all.
    The problem with all of this is I'll probably end up homeless because of the way Recology goes about trying to collect on unpaid bills...AND IN MY CASE THERE ISN'T AN UNPAID BILL..and now i have to submit copies of my personal documentation that is confidential like the PG&E closing bill, AT&T closing bill, etc and i don't feel comfortable giving them my accounts information. If they can screw up by not closing my account and charge me anyway, why wouldn't they use my personal identifying information for illegal purposes... .I could just imagine ...with all of the illegal immigrants in California it is not far-fetched to imagine that my personal identifying information can and possible will be used for identity theft purposes...

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  • Da
    Dano12345 Feb 17, 2018

    Here it is again. These corporate companies taking advantage of devoted customers. I'm ok to spend a little more for a service, if I am getting good service. Corporate know this. their for, they precede to raise the price gradually with mainly greed in mind. Unless you call a competitor you well never know how hi is to hi. But why would a question it, surly this is the industry price plus some . Besides I'm a good customer their is no reason to gouge me. Then time moves on and it become obvious. $ 318 a month for every two weeks for 2 yard box. "really" what is going on. What, s the competitors price? " What" only $135 O my god They are ripping me off. Then comes the " shaft" when you want to cancel. This is how this generation of large corporates work now. Supported by our courts and no government guideline to help the consumer. I Be leave I will consider throwing my trash out the window.

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  • Jo
    Jomndfhjb Feb 23, 2018

    My husband and I had cancelled services with Waste Management because we felt their prices were too high. After a month, we decided to use their services again because we were unable to find another company within reason for our trash services. My husband called WM and asked if there would be a fee to continue our service with them and the representative, of course, said NO. So we go ahead and continue using their service, and this month, we received 2 bills totaling $147.59 from these [censor] that includes a "$55 resume service fee. "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!" I just discovered another company that services our area and when i contacted them, they informed me that they only charge $20 a month for a 65 gallon bin!!! Thank God for them, but boy do I feel stupid for wasting my time and money on WASTE MANAGEMENT...I would NEVER recommend or use their services ever again!!!

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