Wall & Associates, Inc.fraud solicitation

My husband received a letter from this company which has been having fraudulent practices all over the internet with a practice of moving into offices and soliciting innocent victims. After researching this, I found they have placed prominent ads that look as if they are a well established company on the internet and their letter claims they represent the taxpayer through expertise in resolving your tax problems. Shortly before we received this letter, we received multiple other types of correspondence threatening us as if it was legal IRS correspondence involving tax liens. What they don't know is that we already have a tax agreement directly with the IRS regarding our taxes and are not in a tax lien, having paid off such tax debt.

This company is preying on people's emotions in hard situations and should be investigated further by the government or the FBI for their fraudulent behavior patterns going from state to state setting up micro offices and this type of postal scam going on with a falsity of trying to make people believe they are either attorneys or a CPA or other IRS certified tax expert. Please note they indicate in their letter that they claim: "You will seldom be dealing with the same IRS employee, therefore, what one employee promises you may not be respected by another IRS employee" This is an outright lie. We have dealt with the IRS for years and the IRS directly follows notes that are submitted into your case files when you call or mail things into them. DO NOT FALL FOR THESE SCAMMERS, we surely are NOT!

Sep 30, 2019

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